Nautical Melancholia: A Poem About Filling Our Personal Oceans

Interpretation is something that I have always wished to entrust upon the eyes that read me. I don’t like to give written meanings to words I have felt. That’s the beauty of it: When one reads between the lines and they take and feel them for something of their own, it is so much deeper.

I am an ocean
awash with saline tears.

At night,
the soaring tidal waves of my brumal blues
embrace hands with the old moon
and bring me to my knees in a wound.
Look what you have done now, dear.
Cause me a lilting tread of ail
and left me to twinge silently
in all my arresting qualms.

I know you mean well,
but my heart’s not that strong;

it can carry my burden
but not your biting words all night long.
I am tired of rising
then collapsing against the shore,
only to do it all over again,
in a desperate repeating sore.

It is never easy
for me to open up;

I fear I might empty myself
if I bleed too many tears.
So, save me
from this self-destructing abomination,
it is not so possible,
but I fear if I drown no one,
I might drown in my own annihilation.

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Written by zaynab syed

Zaynab Syed is an eerily minded eighteen-year-old girl, an aspiring and perfervid Writer, Poet, Photographer, and Social Activist, who comes from a country that has almost always been seen in a coat of darkness. Ever since the time when her father first bought her a bargain-basement issue of ‘The Kite Runner’ by Khaled Hosseini and ‘B’ by Sarah Kay, she seems to have congregated the passion for penning as a wharf of veiled feelings in splotchy ink. A humourist from soul and a dreamer at heart, Zaynab has a plethora of career goals, but her main goal is to move to New York City and maintain a fulfilling career in creative writing, amongst other things. Meanwhile, she has been sharing a ripple of random thoughts and opinions, poems and photography of her every journey in the home of social media and also aims to take her work oceans across oceans.

Contact her on Twitter: @writetovoice


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