Netflix Show “Everything Sucks!” Gets Canceled After One Season

Note: This article contains spoilers.

Everything Sucks! is a Netflix TV series based in the 80s about high schoolers living in Boring, Oregon.

The show follows a group of teenagers—members of the school’s A/V Club—through navigating their way through the social hierarchy, self-identity and pursuing their dreams of making a movie. The Hollywood Reporter recently released an article stating the show wasn’t rendered for a second season. 

The show had mixed reviews: Jen Chaney from Vulture acknowledged, “…it also is so sincere and sensitive in its treatment of its young characters…”

On the other hand, the show was also criticized for the large age gap between two of its actresses that kiss—Peyton Kennedy is fourteen and Sydney Sweeney is twenty.

When I found out the news, I was disappointed.

Everything Sucks! covered serious and real issues teens deal with every day such as peer pressure, bullying, coming out and abandonment. The show doesn’t shy away from showing uncomfortable moments of adolescence. There’s a moment after the Tori Amos concert in episode 6 where Kate and Luke have a falling out. Kate has to remind Luke that their relationship isn’t real and that the only reason they’re together is so that the school doesn’t find out that she’s gay. She then breaks up with him, and their short-lived relationship is over. While that isn’t the case for every high schooler, it is for some who stay in the closet for safety.


Many fans have spoken out about their feelings:


The cancellation produced a the hashtag “#RenewEverythingSucks” on Twitter and multiple petitions. Even though Everything Sucks! won’t be coming back for another season, it will always be on Netflix for new and returning fans.

Cover Image Courtesy of Netflix.

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