New Year, Same America

This past year was rough. However, personal growth is the best kind of development, and I wish to share some of mine.

Now that the last page of the book of 2017 was turned

I believe I should go over what I’ve learned

First, I’ve learned that black lives don’t matter

Not when 221 unarmed black peoples bodies were splattered, scattered and battered

by our law enforcement

It is as if all the crips converted into bloods, because so much blue has the streets red in blood

I’ve learned that even 155 years after that one special first of January proclamation that negro is not free

Rather held in captivity, locked up in the institution of slavery oops I mean jail*

It appears all black men are going to hell

Only making up a tenth of the US population yet half of the prison population

I’ve learned that there is only one mother earth

And what she birthed caused great self destruction

Melting her soul and burning her flesh yet the reds think it’s political propaganda

It will me be too late to save us drowning under Antarctic water dead

I’ve learned that we are a county built upon the principle of ignorance and inequality

And not consensual like the world of the second treatise

No means yes, and if no response, men guess

I guess that’s why all these famous figures got caught up

Maybe they guessed a woman liked their temple being invaded


Maybe they guessed that because they were who they were that they were entitled to that piece of

At least those men aren’t running the country


However 2017 wasn’t too bad

Through it all I’ve learned more about myself than before

I’ve learned to love myself in all my issues and mistakes

I’ve learned to not care what any other person but yourself will think

I’ve learned to be kind to others and spread love

I’ve learned that nearly everything can be fixed with a hug

And to that I am forever blessed

Onward to this year

Expectations are high

Wiping the slate clean

For 2018

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