Ode to Black Girl

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As a young black woman, I grew up with self-esteem issues, even to the point of self-loathing because of the horrendous things I would hear and see about black women and girls. I never had the chance to embrace the unique qualities of being a black girl such as my brown skin, natural hair, and features. I was once a victim to the white-washing of society and believed that I couldn’t be beautiful. This poem is dedicated to my past self and other young black women who may have gone through the same thing or may still experience these same issues. Remember, you are magical just the way you are.


silken eyes of gold

skin of cocoa and bronze


these curls, that afro

she is, mother nature


her persona, vilified

burdensome to life


her screams

silenced for the sake

of shielding war


the world lies in her hands

and she doesn’t know it


brown girl,

you, too, are luminous.


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