One Year Ago Today

A poem as a reflection of the bad but also the good

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These past few days, my mind has been stuck in what has happened one year ago. The people that passed away, mass shootings, elections, but I can’t seem to remember the good, whether it was personal or just happened around the world.

One year ago today,

Every other week was “the worst mass shooting we have ever seen”

But little did we know what that would really mean.

One year ago today,

On November 8th, the U.S. Presidential Election

brought out riot, after riot, after riot.

One year ago today,

On Christmas Day,

George Michael passed away.

One year ago today,

On December 27th, Carrie Fisher moved to a galaxy

Far, far away.

One year ago today,

The United Kingdom seceded from the European Union;

More black people were shot and killed by the police,

And more animals became endangered, and yet,

This happens every year.

I’m not sure what made last year different.

I’m not sure if my mind is just suddenly aware that all these tragedies happened one year ago today.

I’m not sure if during 2018

My mind will be the same every day.

Every day will be

One year ago today.

Tragedies happen everywhere and all the time.

Too many I did not list, too many I may not have heard of.

I wish I could remember the good that happened one year ago today.

Both personal accomplishments and worldly ones.

One year ago today,

On February 10th, I was inducted into the National Honors Society.

One year ago today,

Simone Biles kicked ass and set records during the Olympics.

One year ago today,

Lin Manuel Miranda took a shot,

And history now has its eyes on him.

One year ago today,

Bad shit happened, that is true.

But I hope 2018 will be better for me and you.


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