Pipe Dreams

As I work through my own insecurities, there is still a part of me that doesn’t believe in my capabilities. I spend a lot of my time dreaming of the person I would like to become one day but I cannot fully be sure if I can make it possible. This poem shows the transition from a pessimistic mindset to that of an optimistic, confident place.


We have all heard about pipe dreams

You can call them. . .


an illusion

hopeless schemes

I have many of them of them rotting

inside my heart as I write


If I were to tell the tales that I paint every single day

Even the nameless dreams one could not decipher

It would all sound like jumbled gibberish seeping

through my lips


I have heard innumerable times to just “believe in yourself”

run through the fields without looking back

but there is a voice taking over my well being

creeping behind the trees

blatantly stating that dreams aren’t made of this


Everything I want is nothing but a fairy tale

leading me to false places


To that voice, I say, screw you

the world is in my hands

it is only a matter of time before I am looming above

the world

marking my territory in the world


The galaxies and the moons reside in my eyes

it is only a matter of time before my wings are ready

for flight



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