Here Are Some Awesome Workout Songs

If you’re anything like me, then it’s probably hard for you to find any sort of motivation to work out. We’re the ones that always say, “Well, I’ll get in shape one day.” I mean, why waste money on a gym membership when it can be spent on food instead? However, getting or staying in shape is important to our health, so why not work out in a fun way? 

For me, I always wanted to be a dancer, but I was not allowed to because my parents believed that if something wasn’t going to be academically enlightening, there was no point to it. Now that I’m older, I’ve taken note that I do want to dance because it is something that I enjoy! Not to mention, dance is a form of exercise! So, if you love dancing, whether good or bad, as much as I do, here’s a little playlist of songs to have a nice little dance workout to:

  1. “Reggaetón Lento (Bailemos)” – CNCO // “Yo sólo la miré y me gustó, me pegué y la invité, “Bailemos, eh?” Now this is my jam! This song is absolutely perfect to dance to! Feel free to mueve la cintura to this banger because how can you not? You immediately want to dance as soon as that beat drops.
  2. “Fester Skank” – Lethal Bizzle // This fun song is perfect to dance to! It’s a mix of classic British Grime, with a hint of electronic. British girl group Little Mix even have their own dance for the song, which is absolutely amazing and a fun and easy learn!
  3. “Glass & Patron” – FKA Twigs // FKA Twigs is a musical genius in my opinion! Her dance for this song is so eccentric, just like its tone and beat. The song is a great one to learn the dance to, as well as one to make up your own moves to!
  4. “Case Of The Ex (Whatcha Gonna Do)” – Mya //  You know I had to put a throwback on this playlist! If you want to learn some more choreography, the dance for this song can be found/learned by watching the music video. Get some friends and learn how to do this fun dance while hanging out one day!
  5. “The Greatest” – Raleigh Ritchie // This is an amazing song to just let loose to! You can dance around the house enjoying the beat and the lyrics of the song! As Raleigh Ritchie once said to me, “We’re the greatest, I mean it, we’ll never be defeated!”

I hope these few songs help making working out a bit more fun for you as they have for me!

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Written by Cherise Santos

tea latte enthusiast who wants to spend the rest of her life writing and taking photographs in the south of France


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