Pride Month 2017: Girls – A Poem About Girls Loving Girls


To kickoff Pride Month 2017, I wrote a poem about girls loving girls. No matter what label someone chooses, it all relates to one thing: a girl falling in love with a girl. Girls are magical, something from another universe. Out of this world. The way they kiss and touch. The way they endure and feel. Girls are wonderful. 



my hands shake in your touch
your perfume lingers in my mind
i’m a constant loop
of wanting to kiss you
and wanting you to explore my body
oh girls, they make your knees tremble
kissing you softly around your chest
tenderly picking at your skin
begging for more
oh girls, they leave you breathless in the summer night
their hips swaying on the dance floor
hypnotic, leaving you speechless
i’m in a constant loop
of wanting to kiss you
and wanting you to explore my body
hypnotic, you leave me speechless
i want it
i want it
temptation is my weakness
the devil is my witness
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