‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Star Is Real Transphobic

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Real Housewives of Atlanta is known for being outlandish, hilarious and has trotted the line between what’s shade, and what’s problematic.

This past Sunday, amongst one of the early episodes of Season 10 of RHOA, Kenya Moore came under fire (yet again) for what came out of her big mouth.

It all started at Nene Leake‘s “Girls and Gays” party (problematic itself), where Kenya Moore and Kim Zolciak-Biermann started slinging insults and shade at each other, all over whether Kenya is in fact married, or not.

This is when Kenya crossed the line and used gender-reassignment surgery as a harmfully worded insult.

Why do you have such a hard-on for me? Didn’t they cut it off during your reassignment surgery?


The disgusting statement is violent-inducing and incredibly disrespectful to the LGBTQ2S+ community who Kenya claims to be an “advocate” for. Several fans of the show took to Twitter to tweet their thoughts on the matter:

Kenya herself fired-back and claimed that these people were in fact “reaching” and that she is not transphobic at all.

But the fact remains: as a cis person, Miss Kenya Moore, you do NOT get to have a say in what IS or ISN’T transphobic.

If you offended even a single transperson, you are (wait for it) transphobic.

Personally, I think Kenya deserves to be off of the show, her disgusting behaviour and no-remorse attitude is off-putting and the show could do without her.

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