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Review: American Horror Story: Apocalypse Episode One Came To Slay

Its time for everyone’s favorite show: American Horror Story. This season promises the most ambitious crossover since Disney Channel’s “That So Sweet Life of Hannah Montana.” Creator Ryan Murphy is combining the two best seasons of the franchise: Murder House and Coven. Murder House with its intense psychological horror and plenty of gore, combined with Covens amazing story, world building and stylistic cinematography, is going to make for one powerhouse of a season.

The show begins with Mr. Gallant (Evan Peters) and Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt (Leslie Grossman) in Gallant’s salon. Coco is the daughter of a millionaire trying to make her own money and a name for herself by becoming an Instagram model. Suddenly everyone in the salon gets an alert about missiles dropping in LA, Coco brushes it off as some sort of hoax, or mistake, however, the breaking news report on the television ensures our characters that it is in fact very real. Coco gets a call from her father giving her details of a bunker that she and her boyfriend Brock (Billy Eichner) can seek shelter in, via private jet. However, Coco’s family aren’t able to get to the jet on time so Gallant grabs his extremely WASPY grandmother Evie Gallant (Joan Collins) along with Coco’s personal assistant (Billie Lourde). They safely board the jet sans Brock, where they soon find out there’s no one flying the jet. As they fly over the city they see what remains of the city as it goes up in flames and one giant mushroom cloud. Cue opening credits.

The show cuts to 14 minutes before the bombs drop to meet what is soon to be our Secondary main character Timothy Campbell (Kyle Allen) as he gets ready to open a letter from his dream school (where he was accepted). Timothy’s father returns late and tells the family of what’s going on and we see agents from the U.S. Government take Timothy away because of his (extraordinary genes) that they received from a nameless “ancestry website.” As he is taken to their holding facility, we meet a new character and subsequent love interest Emily (Ash Santos): a militant college student, as they set off to outpost 3. As they enter the Outpost they see two “Grays” being executed outside. After our two lovebirds are decontaminated, we meet the intimidating Wilhelmina Venable (Sarah Paulson). She explains the social hierarchy via colors of the clothes- “Purples” being the royalty and the “Grays” being the help. Venable also explains the rules: no going outside, and no “unauthorized population.” (serving The Handmaid’s Tale teas)

Soon we see that the main characters we met back in L.A. are very much alive and are unsurprisingly are also “Purples”. We now get to see what life is like in the bunker: ever-shrinking rations of “nutrient Jello” for every meal, paired with mineral water and a never-ending song, much like “Soeur Sourire” from season 2.  However, dinner starts to go haywire when the characters get accused of venturing outside, Gallant and Stu (the boyfriend of Andre, Played by Jefferey Bower Chapman) have the highest amounts of radiation and are forcibly scrubbed down (harder than Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy). Unfortunately, Stu is found unclean and is subsequently killed and eaten by our starving cast. Our characters try and rationalize their newfound crave for human flesh by saying that Venable would never feed them contaminated flesh. Although later in a scene when Venable and her henchman. Ms. Miriam Mead (played by Kathy Bates) are trying on “Purple” clothes and giving us some exposition about their pasts and their murderous and masochistic ways. We found out that Miriam adjusted the sensitivity on the radiation scanner to read more positive.

In the final moments, we see that from the ever-shortening supply of food, the characters are at their breaking point, we even get a change of song to “The Morning After” by  Maureen McGovern. The characters think its some sort of secret code that help is one way. However 18 months later we see that the lie detector determine that was a lie. Just as the characters are risking leaving and going out on their own, an alarm goes off and we find out that there was a breach. The Henchmen go out to greet none other than Michael Langdon (the half-ghost antichrist from season 1) and we find out that he has orchestrated this whole thing, and now he is here to help Venable and the rest of the gang “to survive or end up like his horses” which we see get taken away and eaten by the infected. Finally, we cut to end credits and NO PREVIEW FOR NEXT WEEK!? This is already starting off to be a very stressful season.

My prediction for next week is that we finally get to meet the Girls from the coven as they try and find a supreme to stop Michael and restore peace to the world. This was an amazing start to the season, visually stunning and strangely funny given the dark content of the show. Let’s just hope Ryan Murphy actually knows how to bring forth a good second half of the season.

Overall grade: A- (needs more witches)

Tune in Wednesdays at 10:00 pm on FX for all new episodes of American Horror Story: Apocalypse





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