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If there is anything I’ve come to understand, it’s that we cause more problems for ourselves than we do happiness. It’s hard to turn away sometimes and it’s hard to build ourselves upwards instead of downwards. Even if it is unwittingly. This poem was written for all the times we may have dragged ourselves to ruins, and as a testament to changing that fact.

We, as humans, ruin ourselves.

We purposefully, run towards the ruins

in hopes that they will swallow us

with arms wide open

and give us the love we truly want.

We tell ourselves

that the ruins are better

than the pain and

oftentimes forget

that the pain is caused

by the ruins.

The ruins are a tidal wave

that only ever constantly drag us down.

The only problem being:

We do not resist.

We welcome the ruins

because just for a moment,

we feel alive.

Before the ruins grasp us,

we realize that we are alive

and capable of feeling.

Yet, we ask ourselves

why we are constantly in pain.

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