Safe Haven by Ruth B: An Album For All

Ruth Berthe, better known as Ruth B, started out her career singing on Vine. Becoming inspired by the show Once Upon A Time one day, she created a vine based around it. Like the story of quite a few mainstream musicians, one of her videos went viral. The six-second video turned into Lost Boy which not only got her a record deal but peaked at 24 on Billboard Hot 100. In 2017 alone, Ruth B has won three awards including Breakout Artist of the Year at the Junos, as well released her debut album, Safe Haven.

Safe Haven, released out of Columbia Records, features 12 tracks including Lost Boy. The album’s songs range from soulful piano ballads to poppy grooves. Instead of going the total new pop route as expected on this album after introducing Superficial Love (single version), Ruth B pays homage to her debut EP, The Intro by still including her beloved ballads. She also dips her hand into a more pop tone with songs like Dandelions and Young. She even brings classic R&B vibes with Safe Haven and World War. Overall, the versatility on this album is incredible.

The themes of the songs include love, youth, and self-confidence. Each track is entirely unique yet all flow together perfectly into a single piece of work. The lead single, Superficial Love once slow paced sad song has been remastered into a pop masterpiece. The now feel-good song is now a way to scream out your frustration on your relationships not being “official”. Young, which she stated was written after her high school graduation, tells the tale of living young, wild and free. If This Is Love, on the other hand, describes the feelings of handling hardships with both passions and relationships alike. Safe Haven lives up to its title while producing songs that anyone can use to escape and deal with life’s troubles and adventures.

In conclusion, this album would definitely be visual album gold. Seriously, Safe Haven is an incredible album with a mast variety of songs. This is only the beginning for Ruth B.

You can check out Ruth B on Twitter with (@itsruthb) and buy/stream Safe Haven on all major music providers. 

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