Quiz: When Traveling With Friends, Which Friend Are You?

I just came home from a vacation recently with my friends, and oh, my!

The world went topsy-turvy when four teenage girls that have never been on a vacation without the management and supervision of our parents had to do everything from scratch. Finding the best price for the theme park tickets, hotel packages, budgeting our money, finding a good place to eat and looking for activities to chill that will please everybody. When I say everybody, it means the four of us, but the four of us seems like pleasing the whole world when our tastes vary from one another. During the whole trip, I have discovered the four of us have different characters from one another and our functions to ease the whole vacation. Find out which friend are you by answering the quiz!

Cover Image Courtesy of Dylan Hooper on Unsplash

  • Do you plan and do arrangements for the vacation?

    • Yes
    • Not at all
    • Not all but I do take part
  • Are you cautious about your expenses?

    • Yes, too much
    • Not at all. Come on, it’s a vacation!
    • I’m not afraid to spend but I’ll keep track of my expenses at the end of the day
    • Somewhere in between, perhaps?
  • If you’re at the theme park, how long will you stay?

    • Until the guards chase me out
    • As soon as I’m done with the rides, I’m out
  • Do you wake others up?

    • Of course, I wake up the earliest after all
    • No
  • Do you keep your things in place?

    • Yes, I watch out for my friends’ belongings too
    • No, I’ll look for them when I want to pack


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Written by Maleen Balqish

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