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SNL Recreates Kanye West And Trump’s Meeting

Saturday Night Live opened their third episode of the 44th season this weekend with a re-enactment of Trump and Kanye’s oval office meeting this past Thursday, with Alec Baldwin playing Trump, Chris Redd playing Kanye West, and Kenan Thompson playing Jim Brown.

SNL often takes political events of our world and turns them into skits by exaggerating certain characteristics of people or small details to make them humorous. Recently, however, it seems as if the news events SNL uses such as Trump and Kanye’s meeting or the Kavanaugh hearing are so bizarre and eccentric that the events themselves are almost comedic.

The skit starts with a C-Span intro that lists the topics to be discussed: “prison reform, education, alternate universes, Superman, and flying cars.”

Trump, played by Alec Baldwin, prefaced the meeting, saying that it was definitely not a publicity stunt, but a “serious, private conversation between three friends, plus fifty reporters with cameras.” He then goes on to thank West (Redd) for coming. West/Redd said he “flew here using the power of this hat,” gesturing to the red Make America Great Again hat on his head.

Baldwin’s Trump also thanks Redd’s West for giving him a pair of Yeezys. “They’re perfect for me,” he said, “because they’re white, they’re wide, and they’re never gonna be worth as much as you say they are.”

Trump/Baldwin then gave the floor to West/Redd, who began passionately rambling about trap doors, alternate universes, and being a prisoner in a different dimension– similar to the real speech that Kanye made at the White House.

It doesn’t take long for Baldwin’s Trump to realize that Redd’s West “might be cuckoo.”

“He doesn’t listen to anyone but himself, who does he remind me of?” Trump/Baldwin said in a voice-over of his inner thoughts. Upon further observation and after West/Redd calls himself a “stable genius” and says he has “the best words”, Trump comes to a full understanding: “Oh my god, he’s black me!”

The sketch re-enacted an actual moment from the real-life Trump and Kanye meeting, when West pulled out his phone to show Trump a GIF of an “iplane 1”, typing in his passcode, which was six zeros.

“I feel a lot better about my passcode,” Trump/Baldwin’s inner thoughts voiceover says. “80085, aka, boobs.”

This episode was hosted by Seth Meyers, who shared his experiences with Kanye West in his monologue. Kanye was a musical guest on SNL in 2007, but he wanted to do a sketch. So the writers wrote a sketch where Kanye would interrupt people at award shows. Here’s the catch: Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift in 2009, which was two years after the sketch.

“Kanye did a sketch about how crazy it was he interrupted speeches, and then 2 years later he was at an award show and thought, I should do it again!” Meyers said. “So when people say are you surprised Kanye supports Trump, I say no.”

Featured Image Via Saturday Night Live Instagram

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