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“Solace in My Ocean of Tears”

“Solace in My Oceans of Tears”
Tears flowed down my cheek
As rapids behave with a river.
Detaching from you made me weak.
Your name delivers a painful quiver.

Heavy thought of you remind me of what once was good.
Your presence was gentle, and it brought forth tranquility.
While you could be found, I grasped you for as long as I could.
You left me. Our distance impaired my visibility.

Your light collided with my heart
As the Titanic met the ice.
What I once perceived as beautiful tore me apart.
Nothing will compare to you, neither shall it suffice.

Doubt consumed your mind
Like the Flood did to the earth.
Fear crippled us from behind.
Never have I experienced such hurt.
Insecurities contaminated our friendship.
Your absence was one of my greatest fears.
I will bury our memories along with my given hardship
To find solace in my ocean of tears.

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