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Songs That Will Make You Nostalgic

The feeling of nostalgia effects us all in a different way. For some, like me, it makes your heart race and tears well in your eyes. For others, it makes them smile as they recall fond memories. Here are some songs that remind me of some of my favorite times.


Eastside by Benny Blanco (ft. Halsey and Khalid)

Photo by Matt Adam

Driving at sunset with all of the windows down, climbing onto the roof to watch the stars shine, splashing in the ocean waves without a care in the world, these are the days I’m taken back to when I hear this song. Blanco’s soft melodies paired with his harsh lyrics about growing up and escaping hit home for someone like me who cannot wait to see what the future holds. Listen to it here.

Ribs by Lorde

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In a song about the fear of growing up, Lorde pairs deep cutting lyrics with suspended chords that give listeners a sense of nostalgia about getting older. The low bass gives a sense of mystery and a fear of the unknown. When I hear this song, I’m taken back to my childhood, riding bikes and climbing trees, long before the dread of becoming an adult had ever crossed my mind. Listen to it here.

Crying On the Bathroom Floor – Acoustic by MUNA

Photo via @whereismuna on Instagram

Unlike Eastside and Ribs, that make me think of fond memories, this song brings me back to some of the worst days I’ve had. I’m reminded of actually crying on my bathroom floor after bouts of heartbreak and sadness. But, I think it’s important to reflect on those weak moments and to realize how much stronger I’ve become, which is why I listen to this song (also because MUNA is insanely talented). So, if you’re looking for a song that will make your heart ache and bring tears to your eyes in the best way possible, this is the one for you. Listen to it here.

You by The 1975

Photo via @the1975 on Instagram

While ninety percent of songs by The 1975 are guaranteed to make me extremely emotional, this song takes me back to something I’m not sure I’ve ever even experienced. If you’ve seen the movie Perks of Being a Wallflower, this would fit perfectly into the tunnel scene and make that movie more emotionally jarring than it already is. Songs like this one are perfect for closing your eyes and imagining a scene that could be from out of a movie. Listen to it here.

These songs are some that bring out the most emotion in me. It’s interesting how different songs can make us feel different emotions. Listen to these songs and artists and let me know how they made you feel!

Featured image from @whereismuna on Twitter

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