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Speaking To Me Without Saying a Word

If you know me personally, it’s no secret that I have a great adoration for the late 1980’s actor Corey Ian Haim. Although I have never met him and unfortunately won’t ever get the chance to, he has spoken to my soul and impacted my life so significantly. I have truly found myself and it’s all thank you to Corey Haim.

Due to the constant deep insight that lies within my mind about Corey Haim, I have gotten into the habit of writing down my thoughts about him since the thoughts are so heavy. He fascinates me in a way that I have never been exposed to. The sublimity that lies within his soul enthralls me so vastly. Writing about him¬†gives me a true sense of peace within my mind. At the end of a stressful day, the only thing better than a hot cup of tea is when I sit down and write about Corey. It’s as if paradise gets struck into my mind and all of my surroundings disappear, it’s strictly my thoughts and I. By constantly writing down my thoughts I was able to find my true passion, writing. My passion continues to strive and it’s a small step on the long way of finding my purpose.

In addition to helping me discover my true passion for writing, Corey Haim has made me see the world in a more beautiful light. Thank you to him, I appreciate the small things in life that usually go unappreciated. The sun that shines brightly in the sky reminds me of the radiance that lied within his soul. The sky that contains a lovely shade of blue awakens the thought of his alluring blue eyes which captivates my soul. The ocean’s greatness evokes the thought of his heart, a heart that was greater than the ocean. A heart that had a generous nature. Every time I pass by a flower stand I think about how I would dedicate each and every flower to him, especially all of the white roses, his favorite. All thank you to Corey Haim, I have chosen to view the world in a ravishing light.

Corey Haim inspires me to live life to the fullest as he did. Corey Haim made the best out of every situation and brought joy to those around him as much as he could, regardless of what he was going through, I aspire to the same. He has made me realize that you have the power to make a boring situation into an extravagantly funny situation. He has made me realize that you can turn your pain into art instead of anger. He has made me realize that you have the power to make this world a more beautiful place just as he did.

He has taught me to make the best out of every opportunity life hands you, no matter how big or how small.. or like Corey would say it, make pink lemonade. He has taught me that if you believe in yourself then you have the power of doing anything. He has taught me that you should always own up to everything and take full responsibilities for all of your actions. He has taught me that only you have the power of mending yourself. He has taught me so much without saying a single word to me.

Overall Corey Ian Haim is a remarkable individual who will continue to bring an immense amount of love, light, and joy into this world. I’m truly thankful for the positive impact Corey Haim continues to have on this earth. He shines the world in a beautiful light. From the bottom of my heart, I truly mean it when I say these words, thank you Corey Haim.

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Samantha Merzel is an aspiring journalist who loves flowers, coffee, peace, and Corey Haim. She is greatly inspired by Corey Haim's quote "Let's work it out together and live in peace forever", she hopes her writing will begin a spark of working it out together so that the world can live in peace and love.

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