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Spotlight on Alice Gray: An Ethereal California Artist

Alice Gray is one to watch. With only seven singles released so far, the indie pop singer/songwriter has garnered an impressive 58,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Alice hid her passion for music in the shadows up until 2017, during her senior year of college. It was then that the quiet introvert decided to put herself out there and pursue a career in music.

I decided to listen to and review Alice’s three most popular songs for this article.

Take Me To The Water

Released in: 2019

Spotify streams: 346,000+

Alice Gray, quite literally, needs no introduction. She dives right into singing without any instrumentals to start off the song. The song portrays Alice as having trouble fitting in with the city crowd (possibly representing the superficiality of the music industry). She repeatedly says “take me to the water”, with the water being the softer and more natural side of living. This song is perfect to listen to when you’re feeling like you’re not quite where you’re meant to be in life.



Lay Down

Released in: 2018

Spotify streams: 328,000+

‘Lay Down’ is one of Alice’s most personal works yet. The stripped-down electronic beats allow her vocals to take center stage — no autotune necessary. The chorus, “Why do I gotta lay down / Why do I gotta stay when it’s bad for me and you / Is the line I cross I don’t usually cross when I’m not with you”, depicts an unhealthy relationship. Alice wrote this song when she “was a wreck“, giving her one of her most polished and evocative songs yet.


Pink Cadillac

Released in: 2017

Spotify streams: 229,000+

‘Pink Cadillac’ may have been Alice’s first endeavor in the music industry, but it’s an incredibly well-done single for a new artist. It’s hard to believe that it was her first-ever released song. ‘Pink Cadillac’ falls into the niche sadgirl pop genre, with synthy melodies reminiscent of Clairo or Billie Eilish. ‘Pink Cadillac’ is one of the more lyrically complex songs that Alice has released. She describes a ride in a pink Cadillac, stating “Baby we can take it fast / And maybe we can drive real slow,” but the pink Cadillac is symbolic of something deeper, perhaps a relationship to which there was more than what met the eye. Regardless of what the song is a metaphor for, it’s definitely one to dance to.


Alice Gray is a true creative with a knack for creating great songs. She has an EP set to drop later this summer, but until then you can stream her already-released singles on Spotify and Soundcloud.

You can also check her out on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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