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Untouched emotions and foreign places open my consciousness to be more aware of every slight change in my life. In transition to adulthood, with each unfamiliar experience I continue to live through, these are some of the layers I notice unfolding as time draws on—in brief stanzas. Writing my thoughts on paper has always helped me gain a sense of control.

Photo by Sergey Fediv on Unsplash.com

I begin to lose my balance
as my lungs strive to function naturally.
I sit down in attempt to steady my body and mind,
uneasy of the unknown ahead.
I pry open my eyes; my vision is blurred,
but my hope is clear.

Photo by Simon Hesthaven on Unsplash.com

Sometime after, I plant my feet.
Every action is more reassuring
than the one before. I see my growth
In those around me, and I feel secure
In my own art, in my own abilities.

Photo by Kate Tandy on Unsplash.com

The air I breathe now tastes serene.
Every feeling is endless.
My stream of consciousness is pure bliss.
I see myself, and them,
with ethereal eyesight.

Photo by veeterzy on Unsplash.com

I barely notice the ground falling beneath my feet.
The fear I once welcomed consumes me again.
All the good I cherished falls away as well.
Losing it, losing them, losing me,
Unwillingly, I learned the feeling of nothing.

Photo by Brady Cook on Unsplash.com

Turning back,
I laugh.
Lightheartedly, accepting
The inevitable unknown.

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