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Stop Defending Horrible People Because They Have Made Good Content

For the past few months, it seems as though there is a new celebrity or politician being outed as sexual predator every week. From Harvey Weinstein to Melanie Martinez, a new name is added to the ever-growing list. As horrifying as it is to hear about, it has led to more women and men coming forward with their experiences of sexual assault, instilling a sense of confidence and change in our society. These brave women and men have sparked a monumental movement with their voices and are leading to a brighter future.

However, as the list gets longer, some may have begun to see that their favorite actors and musicians were added. While it can be hard to hear that someone you have admired and even saw as an idol is capable of horrendous things, they do not deserve your support. Defending your favorite celebrity while they have done something terrible, like sexually assault someone, is unhealthy and problematic.

It does not matter if they are the star of your favorite movie franchise. It does not matter if you liked all of their albums. It does not matter if they play your favorite character on your favorite show. They do not get a pass on dealing with the consequences of their actions, and they should not get any support from fans.

When news broke of Melanie Martinez’s sexual assault scandal, there were several fans who were disappointed. Some fans, however, were disappointed for the wrong reasons. Many complained that this would affect when Melanie’s new album was going to drop. Other fans resorted to harassing the victim, Timothy Heller, on Twitter and showing their support for Melanie, despite her actions. Some even went as far to spread a fake screenshot of Heller, saying she faked the incident to get attention.

Defending your favorite actor or musician when they make a harmless mistake is fine, but sexual assault and harassment is not a mistake. It’s a choice, and it is a choice that they made. This kind of behavior is extremely toxic and dangerous, especially to younger fans who do not know better. It is especially mind-boggling when they are only supporting someone because they like their content and they do not personally know the artist.

In all honestly, who cares if now your favorite movie, song or TV show is ruined because of your fav’s controversy. Let it all fall apart. It was their decision alone to harass someone, and they should face their consequences. Let it all crumble down if it means that these disgusting people are removed from their places of power and can no longer abuse those who they deem below them. Sexual predators do not ever deserve your support, even if they make good content every once in awhile. Having a good album, song or movie will never excuse anyone from their crimes.

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