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Summer Child

I wrote this poem simply to get my emotions out over my past relationship. I needed an outlet to deal with my thoughts and the pain. With the person I was with, nothing felt real. It was all empty. It was wasted love. I was born in the last days of August. Hence, I’m a summer child with a little bit of autumn in me. The picture resembles me in the way it mimics my hair, pose and eyebrows. Also, the fact that my friends picture me with flowers and my best friend pictures me as the color yellow/orange. This is for all the ex-lovers who gave up on love but still have a bit of hope inside of them.


Summer Child

Born in the eclipse
Of summer and autumn
Her heart glowed like fireflies
In the night sky
Her laughter drowned her sorrows
Laying in the meadow
Of rosemary. 

She stared deeply into the stars above
Memories of her past lover
Imprinted her brain
The way he held her in his arms
Empty, yet close
The way he gave her an idle smile. 

She knew he was hollow
The way he smoked his cigarettes with ease
Ready to break her heart
She knew he would leave her
The way he told her he felt nothing
When they kissed in his bedroom
She knew he was afraid
Afraid of what they might be again.

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