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Take Your Summer Playlist Back in Time with these Three 80’s Hits

Summer — a time for warm nights spent out with friends, long car journeys with the windows rolled right down, hours spent relaxing at the beach and, of course, that all-important summer playlist.

With Spotify and Apple Music becoming readily available to far more people, creating an upbeat and catchy playlist to serve as a summer soundtrack seems to have become vital for almost every teenager.

Whilst current hits such as Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello’s ‘Señorita’ and Mabel’s ‘Mad Love’ are certainly worthy contenders to be blasted out at full volume on a scorching hot day, your summer playlist doesn’t have to be totally inspired by the current Top 50. For me, it has always been days full of music from the guitar-heavy, high-haired 80’s that make me want to put on my sunglasses, step into my sandals and venture out into a summer’s day that suddenly seems infinitely hotter and brighter.

Here are three 80’s hits that belong on everyone’s summer playlists.

1) The La’s – ‘There She Goes’

Originally released: October 1988

After gaining chart attention following its re-release in 1990, ‘There She Goes’ is undeniably one of the most catchy songs that the 80’s had to offer. Whilst the song’s lyrics might look repetitive on paper, they make ‘There She Goes’ an easy tune to yell at the top of your lungs with your friends. Its iconic opening guitar riff alone is enough to get anyone’s foot tapping and, at just under three minutes long, this short and sweet track is certainly worth a few listens this summer. Regardless of whether you see it as being about infatuation or drugs, ‘There She Goes’ is definitely one to keep morale high on those long summer car journeys.

2) The Cure – ‘Just Like Heaven’

Originally released: October 1987

Performed just weeks ago at Glastonbury Festival, The Cure’s ‘Just Like Heaven’ is perhaps my favourite of the three tracks. This soft and sweet song encapsulates the overwhelming feelings of infatuation and love that take over when you meet someone you truly connect with, in both a physical and an emotional sense. ‘Just Like Heaven’ is a truly freeing track — one about embracing your emotions, throwing inhibition to the wind and fully letting yourself go. With its uplifting melody combined with a beautiful set of lyrics, ‘Just Like Heaven’ is the perfect song to listen to with someone who truly matters to you this summer.

3) Fleetwood Mac – ‘Everywhere’

Originally released: November 1987 (US) / March 1988 (UK)

Another smooth and sensual love song, Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Everywhere’ is a tune that almost anyone will recognise. Christine McVie’s honey-sweet vocals dominate the song, as they navigate the confusing, exciting, almost dizzying nature of falling in love with someone new. From the track’s hypnotic opening bells to the heavy, dreamy synths that flow until its closing bars, this song feels something close to magical — like the butterflies that overtake your stomach at the start of a new relationship. Undoubtedly a masterpiece born in the 80’s, ‘Everywhere’ is destined to be played during those warm summer evenings spent relaxing in the garden.

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