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Taylor Swift Drops ‘End Game’ Music Video

Certainly, Reputation precedes her.

Taylor Swift dropped her most anticipated single, “End Game,” at midnight on Friday. It followed the release of “Ready For It?”s video. After several teasers on her social media application, “The Swift Life,” the singer finally released the music video. The song featured Ed Sheeran and Future. As expected, they made a cameo in the video.

The teasers received a lot of speculations from her fans. Before its release, rumors have been circulating about Katy Perry’s (Taylor’s frenemy) participation in the video. It turned out to be false, however.

In between expensive yachts, blazing fireworks, luxurious cars and fancy parties, Taylor considered a plethora of options that the nightlife offers. Swift’s wardrobe also adds magic to the video.

Am I really seeing a dancing Taylor Swift? Well, yes. Swift can dance gracefully, too.

The fans stated that they found a lot of easter eggs in the video, particularly her favorite number, 13. Also, Taylor is playing with snakes. Ah, shady Taylor!

It is directed by none other that Joseph Kahn, who also worked on her previous videos. The video is filmed in three locations — Miami, Tokyo and London. Nightlife parties are popular in these locations.

The old Taylor is dead? Probably not. There are some references in the video that resemble the old Taylor.

Swifties are planning to break the 24-hour record for the number of views of “Look What You Made Me Do.” Let’s see if they can do it.

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