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Thank You To The Stars

I wrote this for someone who I believe is the universe’s greatest treasure. I don’t know what force in this universe is responsible for the creation of this individual’s grace, but I’m grateful for them.. Thank you to the stars.

I’d like to thank each star in the sky for bringing you into our universe and onto our planet

You have graced our earth with so much love

You have graced our earth with so much kindness

You have graced our earth with so much beauty

All through your very presence


Even when you are not around, I feel you all over

I feel you in the sun

I feel you in the flowers

I feel you in this poem I write


The sun that shines so brightly is a reflection of the radiance of your soul

The flowers that blossom so beautifully is a representation of the constant love that blossoms in your heart

And without you this earth would be lacking color and inspiration

Without you, white roses wouldn’t have any meaning

Without you, the sun would set so dully

Without you, all poems would be vacant of meaning

All because of you, the universe has a whole new meaning

Thank you to the stars for creating you.


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