That Sinking Feeling

A Poem About What My Anxiety Feels Like

Art from singer Amber Runs. Part of her concept art for her song "I Found You".

Almost everyone suffers from anxiety and so do I, so I decided to pen down what my anxiety feels like and it was harder than I expected.


Sad days come with sirens,

like the red light you saw,

just before you woke up.

Or the smell of anesthesia,

that reminds you of death.

Or the silence your ears pick up,

as an alien noise.

You know it’s a bad day,

because your heart feels like it’s sinking,

and your body feels like a broken ship.

It’s sinking into an endless pit,

so you decide to sink with it,

for you’re stuck inside yourself,




You’re stuck between the nothingness,

trying to find something,

something to hold onto,

like the faint light you see when you look up.

So you wait,

and you wait,

till you’ve gathered enough courage,

to drag yourself out of it.

Till you’ve gathered enough courage,

to see beyond the dark,

till you’ve gathered enough courage,

to help yourself.


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Written by Shadab Amir

A ras malai enthusiast who occasionally writes poems.