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The App All Rappers Should Have

“Rapchat” is the small app made for creating raps with hundreds of free beats and a free recording program with easily accessible discovery among other rappers, perfect for any hopeful rapper!

Rapchat is a small app developed in 2013 that allows people to record and post their best raps. Providing beats and instrumental tracks to record over, Rapchat creates a new outlet for aspiring rappers on for people just to have fun. In a 2014 interview with Seth Miller, one of the developers, he claims to have thought up the idea while “freestyle rapping over Tupac’s ‘Ambitionz as a Ridah'” and came up with an idea to make an app that allows you to send recorded raps directly to friends, similar to snapchat- but with raps.

The process to record a rap on Rapchat is fairly simple. First choose a beat to rap over, then select whether you would like to make a “solo-track” or “group track” (a ‘group track’ is when you create a rap featuring your followers). Then press the red button to record. Once finished, you save your rap and can post it to your feed and/or promote it on your other social medias, or save it privately on your account. Rappers through the app can create ,multiple ways, either freestyle or using the “notepad”, can write a couple verses.

Not only is the app viable to ameteur rappers, some celebrities have made and a verified on the app, such as Soulja boy and Waka Flocka Flame. However, the best part of Rapchat is how easy it is to discover other rappers. There’s a location option, meaning you can find rappers in your area, and there’s even a trending page for trending or popular raps and trending or popular rappers.

Through means of Soundcloud and Rapchat, new media has allowed many new platforms of outreach to aspiring creators hoping to be discovered. These apps allow thousands of people to here what others are making and share them among their friends and so on. New tech and sharing possibilities make it easier than ever to be heard.

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