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the beauty of “hating” everything.

I have a habit of saying “I hate everything” but that tends to be incredibly far from the truth. One afternoon I actually sat and thought about things that I love. It brought so much happiness. Thinking about things you love is healthy, never let the negativity overpower the positivity.

I often say I hate everything, but I don’t.
I love puppies, I love sunsets, I love coffee with the tiniest little bit of milk and laughing until there are tears streaming down my face.
I love New York and fresh flowers.
I love record players and polaroid pictures.
I love smiling at strangers and making people happy.
I love adventures and scars.
And bookshelves that seem about to burst
I love hand holding and the warmth that comes with it
The comfort of a hug or my best friends’ smile
Works of art flowing down a stranger’s arm
Or a little piece of metal poking through the strands
There are a lot of things that come to mind
But one I don’t ever doubt is that
I sure as hell adore you. A lot.

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