The Beginner’s Guide to Paranormal Fantasy

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Paranormal fantasy and romance is a genre that gets a lot of flack in the literature world. Many refuse to consider it literature and cast judgmental looks whenever they spot that worn paperback in your arms. Well ignore the haters—paranormal books are some of my favorite books. They manage to straddle the line of fantasy and reality and bring in aspects of romance, suspense and action. They’re a lovely mashup of the best parts of all the genres.The best part of paranormal books is that they are often apart of huge series ranging from 6 to 12 books, so if you enjoy them you have 10 books to look forward to. With that glowing endorsement that hopefully has you convinced, here are some of my favorite paranormal series that you can try out.

First Grave on the Right (Charley Davidson #1) by Darynda Jones

With 11 books out in the series you should be set for awhile as you fall in love with Charley Davidson and her crew. Charley is private investigator as well as grim reaper; she’s been able to see gohst her whole life and she convinces them to go into the light. Filled with tons of humor and action, this book series should be at the top of your list.

Moon Called (Mercy Thompson #1) by Patricia Briggs

Mercy Thompson is a talented mechanic who also happens to be a coyote shifter. Taking place in a world filled with werewolves, vampires and fey, the supernatural world surrounding Mercy pulls her into its politics. These books are full of action and mystery. If you end up in love, seven books are currently out as well as a spin off series.

Halfway to the Grave (Night Huntress #1) Jeanine Frost

Catherine Crawfield is a half-vampire on a mission to kill her father for ruining her mother’s life. After being captured by a vampire bounty hunter named Bones, she is forced to partner up with him and they end up being hunted by a group of killers. This series is complete with seven books and these books are great with an addicting story-line.

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