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The Best Superhero Game!

Online slot gaming has exploded, contributing to a £13 billion gambling industry in the UK and changing the way we play non-skill based casino games altogether. The virtual slots market is expected to grow by over 15% over the next 5 years, contributing to the new wave of social online casino games that are helping the gambling industry to transform completely.

With renewed interest in what used to be a casino add-on and distraction from the main gaming floor, virtual slot games are having to become ever more innovative and ultimately different to attract new customers. The simple 3 reel machines featuring a selection of basic images just don’t cut it anymore, with slot gamers looking for fun themes, amazing graphics, immersive gameplay and of course attractive winning bonuses.

One way that slot game designers and online casinos are ensuring a steady stream of customers is the use of themes. By creating machines that have a specific story or set of already famous characters not only helps to keep gameplay fresh and exciting but also increases the chance of a fan of the movie, genre or even musician picking up and playing.

It’s no surprise that Superhero themed slots are some of the most popular out there. There hasn’t been a single year over the last decade that lacked a superhero movie release, with Marvel and now DC dominating the market. Established comic book characters like Batman, the Avengers and Wonder Woman have all been featured in exciting new movies, some of which have passed the $1 billion dollar revenue mark. The opportunity for online casinos to get in on the sheer number of comic book fans has proven too great and we’re seeing loads of new superhero slots released every month.

To make sure you’re playing the very best superhero slots out there, we’ve put together a list of the best in terms of graphics and sounds, gameplay and of course whether you stand a chance of winning the jackpot!


The Avengers

When the first Avengers movie hit screens back in 2012, the precedent was set for action, fast-paced story line and justice for some of the most famous comic book characters ever made. The slot game released alongside the rave-reviewed $1.5 billion dollar generating movie is just as good, with some cool features keeping players engaged as they chase a big win.

Featuring all the Avengers including Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye and of course the Incredible Hulk, the characters’ images make up the scatter symbols alongside the standard playing card numbers and letters. Players must match up the symbols and try and link the wilds, which take the form of the S.H.I.E.L.D. and Avengers logos, to unlock the bonus rounds and of course coin payouts.



Superman has been through many film reboots, but Henry Cavil’s take has helped the series to finally find some footing. Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, the highest grossing Superman film of all time, was a vast improvement on Man of Steel and Superman fans are certainly feeling a lot less hard done by following the awful Superman Returns in 2006.

The Superman slot game, which can be found alongside tons of brilliant themed slot games over at Wink Slots, is faithful to the original comic books character, with plenty of references and images from the DC series. Characters including Lex Luthor and Lois Lane pop up as scatter symbols and bonuses are unlocked by linking the Superman-themed scatters and wilds together. Link together 3 wilds and Superman will fly across the reels, multiplying wins and increasing coin payouts significantly. Easily the best Superman slot out there, the themes and brilliant bonus round, which included shooting down Lex Luthor’s missiles is great fun.



Another Marvel character who has become a fan favourite thanks to a string of successful movies and of course the wit of Peter Parker, Spiderman comes to the rescue on this 5 reel machine with up to 25 paylines. MaryJane, the Green Goblin and Peter’s camera make up the symbols, with the bonus triggered when Spidey lands on the odd-numbered reels.

The bonus rounds make this one of the best superhero slot games however, with the hot zone and city chase free games unlocking free spins, coin payouts and of course a crack at the jackpot.


Iron Man

Iron Man won’t be Iron Man when Robert Downey Jnr. eventually hangs up the suit, but until then Tony Stark fans can enjoy the excellent Iron Man slot game.

With 25 paylines across 5 reels, the chances of winning are already increased and the amount you can wager depends on how much you want to play with. The game really fits in with the hi-tech feel that Iron Man is famous for and the sound effects make you feel like you’re a part of the action.

The expanding wilds and scatter symbols are the game-changers however, with five matched wilds unlocking paying out 5,000 coins, which could be a huge win depending on how much you wager.


The Dark Knight rises

Christopher Nolan’s series of Batman films redefined the Caped Crusader, dragging the character out of the depths of depravity created by the truly woeful Batman and Robin. Almost a crime thriller, Christian Bale’s broodiness and Nolan’s excellent script kept the film series exciting and interesting, with some iconic Batman moments and of course that performance.

The slot game captures the mood of the final film well, with crisp, sharp graphics and themed soundtrack helping to set the scene. Bane, Commissioner Gordon, Catwoman and Batman himself make up the scatter symbols, with the famous glowing Batman logo unlocking free spins and the bonus round. The bonus game is great fun, with the player choosing either Batman or Bane for a variety of enhancements, including multipliers, free spins and increased coin payouts.

With some exciting new movies around the corner, including the return of Ben Affleck’s Batman in Justice League next year, we’re bound to see some exciting new slot games hit the market. Until then, why not try some of the fantastic featured games on this list to help you become the next rich and famous Bruce Wayne.

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