The ‘Black Panther’ Trailer Shows What Africa Would Have Been If White People Didn’t Destroy It

The movie, which is set to come out on February 16, 2018 and is directed by Ryan Coogler, dropped its first teaser trailer last night and right off the bat, it is showing potential. Although the plot of the movie is still not clear, the trailer does not fail to keep you intrigued from its potential as the first black protagonist movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In the trailer, within just the first few seconds, we see a white man, Everett K. Ross, who is interviewing another man, Klaw, describing the most common stereotypes about countries in Africa. Soon he is asked about what knows of Wakanda, and we see visuals of a place the interviewee calls “El Dorado” and how it is not in South America — it is in Africa and it’s actually Wakanda. He proceeds to explain how anyone who had gone to “explore” it did not come out alive.

That right there in just two minutes drops the trope of defenseless Africans who need help and shows what African countries could have been without its colonization. Where instead of showing a story of a white hero who comes to aid the people it shows those who have hidden their culture to keep it safe.

It also shows the great strength and fighting skills of T’Challa aka Black Panther who is now ruling Wakanda after his father’s death in Captain America: Civil War (2016). The trailer has had mixed reactions, but we can only wait and see how it turns out.

What do you think?

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  1. Hahaha! Africa was full of mud huts, they did not even have the wheel before colonization. This is hilarious, you think Africa could have been an advanced civilization? No way, Africa relies on outside sources to keep them alive right now. Heck, some African countries kicked whites out, 2 years later they asking for Whites to come back to help them because they cannot function without WHITE PEOPLE. Why? Because blacks do not know what they are doing with simple cultivation. Seriously, you cannot even farm without ruining it all. White people is how Black people survive, and always will.

  2. More like what africe would have been if black people actually could accomplish anything.
    why every african country that was left by whites reverted to being a shithole instantly?

  3. Hollywood getting ever bolder in its anti-white propaganda.

    You anti-whites keep spewing your hatred against white people, we shall see what you get from that eventually.

  4. “African countries could have been without its colonization:”

    Quite the assumption considering that the majority of African peoples never had any elements that characterizes the start of a civilization. This includes things like domestication of animals, trade expanded trade, transportation, mathematics and philosophy yet a lone a writing system in most places.
    It’s as Charles Darwin himself said, Africans had all the time and resources to create something magnificent, yet never exploited it. A more modern example is the documentary “Empire of Dust”.

  5. If there was no white people in Africa, they would all be Arabic slaves. You are aware of the Arab slave trade aren’t you??

  6. WHITE PEOPLE destroyed Africa?!?!
    You got that backwards, sweetheart. Facts are facts. Everyone knows you’re wrong.

  7. There are tribes of people that have never made contact with Europeans or any other cultures. They still live primitively in huts and hunt for food with zero modern amenities. So this article is bullshit.

  8. ‘….the first black protagonist movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.’ What an utter dimwit. The Marvel film that was basically the catalyst and influence for them all was in fact Blade. And last time I checked Wesley Snipes was black.

  9. 1) Can’t wait to see this movie. Looks great.
    2) Stop blaming white people for the cesspool that is Africa. Africans have been slaughtering one another since the dawn of time. Africans will continue to slaughter one another. And white people will continue to be blamed.

  10. You forgot to mention how in the comics, Wakanda became an advanced civilization because they would send their best people to Europe and America to study undercover then come back home and improve upon what they learned.

  11. Be real. If it weren’t for the white man, Africans would be backwater savages and nearly all would die from some horrible disease like AIDS or malaria. Or are those diseases made by the white man to kill the black man? Gtfo with your own racist propaganda.

  12. Yeah I think Ethiopia and Liberia look exactly like this… Ya know… Since they’re African nations that were never colonized…

  13. But sub-Saharan Africa was still a mess when whitey “ruined” it. There is nothing to suggest that the natives would have done anything to improve it.

    Take the Zulu people for example. They walk around with spears still. They do that by choice, not because whitey kept them down.

    I don’t think that he author has been to Africa.

  14. Yeah, because a country full of unorganized tribes would have totally become advanced more than western culture. Get the fuck out of here. If you are so much smarter and better then why are you still killing yourselves in record number? Oh, that’s right, it’s the white man’s fault.

  15. That’s kind of the premise of Black Panther and Wakanda. However, we have got to add some other variables to the mix, if we are to compare this character’s history to reality. Yes, colonization kind of prevented African countries from being independent, but anyone who has ever studied Africa’s geography, climate, and available resources would know better than to blame everything that Africa is going through nowadays on colonization.

    Anyhow, let’s not forget that Wakanda has vibranium and that is pretty much what allowed said civilization to flourish. Well, I could say more, but you guys can google the points I have already established, and if that is not enough, here is BET’s Black Panther:


  16. Yet another story of Black superiority over whites? Africa, for the most part, always has been and will continue to be a backwards shit-hole full of despots.

  17. This is what one african country could have been if a metriorite full of vibranium(a sound absorbing alien metal) had crashed near a small kingdom(kingdom is used liberally) isolated by thick jungle several thousand years ago. I should also mention that this metal turns a small portion of the population into mutants. So just to clarify you think a small nation isolated by jungle that got ahold of an alien metal several thousand years ago before Europeans had anything to do with africa much less central africa is a example of what africa could have been like across the board had Europeans not bother with africa?

    I think we should

  18. So we are just going to ignore Rhodesia than? You know the only habitable part of Africa made by WHITE PEOPLE? When the blacks overran Rhodesia it became an instant shithole. You blacks can’t run anything by yourselves and when you do, it crashes and burns almost immediately.

    Are you just going to ignore the fact that Zimbabwe kicked out all the whites and now are begging for them to come back because they are starving and all dying? Anti-white propaganda is founded on pure lies and ignorance.

  19. As a person living in africa, this is bullshit.
    It was shit when white people came, it’s shit now that they left.

    You Americans would die on day one here.

  20. The first penetrative colonies into Sub-Saharan Africa were due to the gold and slave trade from the Ghana kingdom to the Abbasid Caliphate. Which brought about the Risa of the Mali Kingdom (One of the wealthiest in history). The region was dominated as an Islamic client state (Colonized) for centuries. Before Islam, though, there were no advanced Kingdoms in Sub-Saharan Africa. From 3000 BCE, to 1200, or so, the largest city in Africa was between 20k-30k people. During that time Rome, Constantinople, Uruk, Babylon, Changan, Kaifen all exceeded 150k (Many of those going to a million people).

    The before the first colonizers, which were Islamic in nature, Africa wasn’t exactly on the path to being powerful. That’s not Africans fault, though. Africa doesn’t have seasonal insect die offs, so disease spread is far worse there. The wet/dry seasons doesn’t lend itself well to crops, especially without irrigation. The flora is more difficult navigate, and the rivers are well suited for long navigation/trade. The continent runs in longitude, which makes trade within Africa require multiple environmental types (Meanwhile, Europe and Asia ran with the latitude). The Fauna didn’t have any real candidates for domestication. I could go on, but Africa was effectively hard mode for developing an advanced society.

    Also, Ethiopia was never colonized in the historical sense. Ethiopia was also a major destabilizing force which attacked other areas and sold slaves (They set up the first African slave routes which ran to the Arab Caliphates). Ethiopia certainly isn’t Black Panther. Also, it should mentioned, Europe was heavily colonized by various forces–once more, for a thousand years, various Islamic emirates, and Caliphates, colonized large swaths of Europe, and took millions of European slaves. In fact, the Ottoman’s were laying siege to the heart of Europe (Germany/Austria), and colonizing huge swaths of Europe during the Atlantic slave trade. (And as said, took a million+ Europeans into slavery…The Barbary pirates, an Ottoman client, actually even took American slaves a century later).

    So there is a little more to history than “white people ruined it”. The deep irony is that Black Panther was showing Wakanda’s resistance to aggressive white interlopers–which if your silly theory held true, should have happened regardless!

  21. No it would probably be more like the native Australians. Africa had a very low animal population that could be demesticated. That’s why Europe and Asia exploded with technology.

  22. Honey wherever white people go, the place flourishes with technological advances and human rights. Wherever white people do not go or leave from, that place is a hellhole.

    Canada, USA, Australia, Rhodesia and South Africa are prime examples of white colonisation that turned the places into heavens.

    Now Rhodesia turned into Zimbabwe when the blacks go power… and Zimbabwe is a poster child for inhuman ways of living.

    South Africa will soon follow, USA is turning into a shithole now that the non whites are becoming a majority.

    The black people didn’t invent anything, and if there were any black inventors or innovators, they were not in African soil. When the whites FIRST found you, you were living like homo erectus in 100.000BC. When exactly would your people become so civilized without whites?

    White people have made the Marvel Universe, what you saw there as a “black culture” is another white man’s science fiction.

    The white people have gone to space, your people cannot get out of the bushes without white help.

    Now stop appropriating the English language, stop appropriating the white clothing type and the white way of living.

    P.S. Egypt was never negroid, it was southern Mediterranean area, and the DNA analysis has proven that sub saharan africans had nothing to do with Mediterraneans areas.

  23. This is hilarious. We destroyed our own country. We are the ones who sold slaves to the whites. We are the ones who commit mass genocide, who train kids to kill their parents. We cannot blame that on the white man. The white man has no power over us. You do not understand the glory of Afrika. You are an American who does not know your history. You make titles like this to fight a racist culture, when you are in fact the one who prolongs the racism. This is unbelievable. How dare you!

  24. Written by a girl from Puerto Rico, who lectures us on a frictional country in Africa, blames whites for ruining a country…….. I can tell who’s college wasn’t history or any STEM field
    Are you going to lecture me about the rights of orcs who are oppressed by the races of middle earth next, what about daleks? Are they misunderstood as Well?
    What about the senseless murder of Jabba the Hutt at the hands of the evil princess Leia?

    Jesus hire people with talent, not tumbler wanabe blogger

  25. if africans could have defended themselves against Arab and Western colonization, they would have. The technology of African peoples at that time in history was just not as powerful as that of the rest of the world, unfortunately. And also, white people didn’t destroy Africa — in fact it is still there. You can take a trip anytime you want. It’s not as “destroyed” as you think over here. It’s actually pretty nice in Accra this time of year. Maybe leave your country and find out what an African nation like Ghana is really like instead of projecting your assumptions over an entire continent. Thanks.

  26. Africans enslaved eachother long before the evil whites came along. I’m pretty sure Africa would be just as much of a dump even if it wasn’t colonized.

  27. I don’t think miss Rivera actually managed to convince herself that there were El Dorado style civilizations in Africa. I mean, first of all we are talking about a myth and second of all there were no large stoneworks in Sub-Saharan Africa. It’s much more likely that the author in the effort to get traffic on the page made something so outrageous that people were going to spread it like wildfire. In short : we were trolled.

  28. What a brash and ridiculous thing to say. Show me some proper evidence that the main reason for Africa’s poverty level today is because “white people ruined it,” as opposed to a host of complicated reasons. Playing such a childish blame game isn’t going to make the continent’s problems disappear, it just misdiagnoses them. I suppose you think all the formerly-colonized parts of Africa are still only rife with poverty because of a perpetual “colonial legacy,” apparently impervious to the passage of time? That we’d have glittering, futuristic cities in the war-torn Congo that would put London and New York to shame if it weren’t for that? I know you mean well, but you really need a dose of reality here. No such cities would exist. This is a fantasy film, and its central premise is fantasy, too – not a meaningful political statement. Africa’s problems are deeply structural and seriously complex. They would be present both with and without outside interference – worse, if you consider foreign aid interference.

  29. First black protagonist in marvel? I have a pleasant surprise for you – there’s a great trilogy about this vampire-hunter that came out back in the day, if only I could remember it’s name…

  30. The amazing thing is, 90% of blacks are arrogant and low-IQ enough that they actually believe that this is what ‘Africa Would Have Been If White People Didn’t Destroy It.’

    Even though colonialism of Africa didn’t start until 1000s of years after advanced civilizations existed in Europe, China, the Middle East, and India.

    The whole nonsense that ‘colonialism destroyed Africa’ is readily debunked by looking at Africa pre-colonialism.

    Colonialism was the best thing to ever happen to Africa, frankly.

    “Wakanda is the most high tech place in the world” when in reality Africa was thousands of years behind most of the rest of humanity when they were blessed with colonialism.

    Most blacks, however, will simply believe whatever boosts their ego and makes them feel superior. Sorting out truth from falsehood is too mentally taxing for their 85 average IQ. It’s like asking a fish to shuffle a deck of cards.

  31. colonisation brought advanced technologies to africa. without this they would still chase animals in deerhides

  32. You’d think that blacks would at least have the capability of fixing Africa, you know, considering how awesome they are…

  33. Jack Kirby and Stan Lee: The guys who KNEW how Africa would have panned out without Colonialism.
    And people think they were just two New York Jews who made a living creating Comic book heroes for children…..

  34. That’s why their entire civilization never had a 2 stories high building before the other civilizations arrived? This article is deeply retarded.

  35. When the Europeans colonized Africa, they helped build infrastructure and give them a kickstart. Sub-saharan Africa was never more than grass huts. When the Europeans left, the Africans destroyed everything they built for them. Now the Chinese have taken over parts of the continent, however they aren’t helping the Africans, they are just taking advantage of them.

  36. If you want to know how africa would look like without white people, look at Ethiopia. It has never been colonised.

  37. Oh it totally has nothing to do with the fact that this fictional state’s entire economy is based off an imaginary super-metal which they have a complete monopoly on.

    No fuck white people am I right?

  38. Probably the most absurd thing I’ve read in a week: misguided racist commentary from someone too young to comprehend the poison she’s been fed. Blame “the whites”? No, blame the people who taught you that nonsense.

  39. “The ‘Black Panther’ Trailer Shows What Africa Would Have Been If White People Didn’t Destroy It”

    That’s why South Africa has been doing so well since apartheid ended. Live expediencies have dropped from 61 to 51 years the lowest in the first world, 3 to 1 ratio of people who are on welfare verses a tax payer, and some of the highest murder rates in the world. Yep it is a golden paradise.

  40. Can you change the title of this article from a racist “Let’s shit on white people and really show our ignorance of history and culture” to “Here is a cool new Marvel movie, starring Black Panther.”

    I’m Jewish and I’m sickened by this kind of race baiting, especially when your premise is an utter lie. This film is entirely a product of imagination, from a white majority country and a white majority industry by the way. I hate how people are using it to attack white people. If you want to know what Africa would look like without white people, try actually researching Islamic conquests of Africa, the indigenous African tribes, the African and Arabic slave trades, and what the Chinese are doing in Africa right now.

  41. It really goes to show what a poor pathetic sense of self respect POC really have by fantasizing about a fantasy of being 1st worlders without white people. If I truly felt that way about my self I would just off myself already. Because the entire continent so so successful without whites in charge now right? Every single city with a majority brown/black population in the world is a terrible place to live because of the brown/black people there. You come all the way from a colony of Spanish rape babies to here to give us this gem of an op-ed. You and your peoples low IQ is evident in this article. If Puerto Rico were to be allowed to be a state it would be the dumbest, poorest, most debt ridden corrupt state in the US. Puerto Rico makes Mississippi look like Harvard. Keep that in mind when reading this article.

  42. Estos artículos son absolutamente ignorantes .

    Ese término “white people” es sumamente amplio y abarca muchísimas personas que no tuvieron nada que ver con la colonización africana. ¿Qué tienen que ver un blanco irlandés, un blanco australiano, o un blanco puertoriqueño en la colonización africana? Absolutamente nada, pero la colectivización racista que se hace en el título es digna de un retrógrada que pasó demasiado tiempo leyendo propaganda socialistoide en lugar de construir un argumento matizado e inteligentes.

    La gente que escribe estas idioteces no tiene idea de la historia de la colonización y los complejos factores sociales que llevaron a las condiciones que existen hoy en ese continente y solamente busca las respuestas fáciles. Ahora esta de moda golpear a los blancos en los Estados Unidos y es absolutamente vergonzoso que una mujer hispana esté repitiendo estos absurdos dichos.

  43. You say Africa wouldnt be defenceless, if it werent colonised. If Africa weren’t defenceless, it wouldnt have been colonised.

  44. So a fictional movie shows what Africa would be like without the evil whitey to ruin everything. Is this like the real Africa where people are starving because they drove all the white farmers out of the country and all the natives don’t know how to run a farm to literally save their lives?

  45. This is hilarious, fictional Wakanda is built on a mountain of Vibranium, you know a fictional super ore? Even if Africa’s actual natural resources weren’t plundered/it’s economy wasn’t disrupted by slavery, how do you explain your idea of non colonised Africa being more technologically advanced than other first world countries are in reality? You ignore that Vibranium doesn’t exist and assert Africa would look like science fiction, that it would massively outpace the rest of civilisation post 15th century to a level far greater than in actual reality. On what basis could you logically claim this?

  46. Could WHITEs please make a movie of what America would be like if we never had a black president elected and destroy it in 8 short years doubling the debt of all prior presidents combined?

  47. WHITE PEOPLE destroyed Africa? Are we talking about the same continent where there are 23 countries in which you can be abducted and killed for being an albino and your limbs sold because they’re magic? The same continent where tribal warring is the primary pastime? The same continent where it’s massive resources are plundered by ruling elites and people still live in filthy huts and believe in sorcery? STFU with your ignorant, anti-white racism.

  48. Before white people arrived in sub Saharan Africa in the 16th century, no culture developed a written language, calendar, number system, domesticated a beast of burden, built a mechanical device or a building more than two floors. So why is Africa undeveloped today? White racism of course.

  49. These comments from the trolls are just funny. So I just went through the most of the movie articles of this website and no one left comments on any of them except for the Black Panther one. Funny thing is Affinity magazine is getting paid regardless of what trolls say and still delivering good content😂

  50. Nice narrative! Enjoy that Islamist slavery currently underway in parts of Africa today. But, you know, no ‘whites’ to blame so ignore today’s reality for some complaint about time travelling to the past. Keep looking backwards Leftists! That’s where you’re headed. We already ended slavery and moved beyond. But you silly Leftists love living in some past and then embellishing it even further. It’s sad. Oh well, keep on burying your heads in the sand with those backwards looking glasses you wear!

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