The Box

A Poem About Creativity And The Limitations We Place On It

This is a poem about creativity, human emotions, and the unnecessary limitations we, as a society, place on those two pivotal aspects of humanity. This poem recognizes that is essential to allow yourself to feel your emotions in order to be at peace with your reality.



is not just a childlike state of

idle contentment.


But rather,

the ability to grapple onto unfathomable amounts of

sadness and confusion

with a perspective of



A realm where

eyes listen,

mouths see, and

bodies dance in rhythm

with the mind.


The box

creativity is associated with is irrelevant.

The mind itself had created the box.

Therefore, it can eradicate it all together.


Thinking is not inside or outside, but just simply is.

Allowing ourselves to feel

the pain of unrequited love,

relish in valiant victories,

and embrace grief in times of strife.


Allowing ourselves to feel.


That is the essence of


and of humanity.


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Written by Zaria Whitacre

17. Lover of 80's pop, Indian food, thrift shopping & absurd catch phrases. You can probably find me eating pizza at open mics or riding my moped in downtown EC.