The Color Red

A poem about a life through color

This poem just came to mind, as I was free writing. I wanted to write about a life through a person’s eyes with a specific color. I used the color red to show both the good and bad experiences of a person’s life. This was also inspired by my health class, because learning in depth about drunk driving really hit me, and I wanted to write about the terrible consequences to warn others out there.


I’ve seen this color throughout my whole life

My first baby bottle, with a bright red top

My first stuffed animal, a red monkey

The first rose I gave to her and got publicly rejected

My first fist-fight, ending in a suspension and a bright red gash

At a party, drinking three red solo cups filled with who knows what

Blood pulsating through my head as I forget my sorrows

My eyes turning blood red, everything blurry and fast-paced

The stop sign that I ignore despite the cries of my friend

The sirens blaring after my third DUI

As I press my stone cold hands on my head, feeling blood seeping through them

As I stared at the lifeless body, I knew what I had to do

I don’t like the color red

That’s what I told myself as I pulled the trigger

And finally saw darkness


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Written by Vedika Bhaumik

A passionate writer with a love for sports and sarcasm.