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The CW’s ‘Dynasty Reboot’ Should Be Next on Your Watchlist

Most teenagers are unfamiliar with the original Dynasty show, I’m unfamiliar with the origin of the reboot as well, but that won’t stop us from loving this show.

The show is a modernized reboot of the 1980s primetime soap that follows two of America’s wealthiest families, the Carringtons, and the Colbys. The story is told through the perspectives of two women — Fallon Carrington and Cristal Flores.

Elizabeth Gillies plays the daughter of a billionaire, Fallon Carrington, which completely despise her new soon-to-be stepmother, Cristal. The feud between the two started when Fallon thought her homecoming present was her father offering her a promotion, instead, it was the news that Cristal would be a part of the family. Moreover, she discovers that her father has given the promotion to his new Cristal.

Nathalie Kelley gracefully portrays her character, Cristal Flores, even when she’s fighting with Fallon.

The billionaire husband Blake Carrington, played by Grant Show, shows her love for Cristal by making her happy through doing what she wants, even if it’s for him to talk to his son Steven Carrington.

Dynasty was previously known for being one of the key “fashion shows” on television of all time.

“When Sex and the City went off the air, that was right before ‘Gossip Girl’ emerged, and we felt like that was an opening for us in that area,” says Stephanie Savage, one of the people who is behind the reboot along with Sallie Patrick, co-creator, and Josh Schwartz. “And we feel that same opportunity right now.”

Markworth-Pollack is a costume designer for the show, she said she drew inspiration for Fallon Carrington from Giovanna Battaglia and Gigi Hadid, women she says can “wear many hats.”

Season 1 Episode 3 showed how the show gets inspiration for the eighties with its 80s-themed episode. The episode featured everyone wearing their classiest, most-fashionable yet sophisticated look for a charity event by the Carrington Foundation. The charity event would sell this diamond necklace worn by Cristal, which showed how they can rock a diamond in an 80s-themed party.

The show is available to watch on Netflix or on the CW app and is currently in the second episode.

Featured image from credit: Mark Hill/CW

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