The Dynamic Trio of Me, Myself, and I

A Poem About Self-Devotion

Do not be what you think society wants you to be. Be what you need you to be. Even if that’s not perfect. Do not let others control how you perceive your reality, because no matter who you are, you deserve to be loved and live a life full of beauty. A beauty that can only be determined by you. 

Pictures striving to explain

a thousand words,

as the simplicity of

black & white will continuously fail

at the brunt of the complexity

emotions evoke.


The human mind is a fragile thing.


is plastered across the front,

yet they drop kick the box

you tried so hard

to not limit your mind to.


The dawn of a new age some say.

The twilight zone I say.


Faces are only lit

by the no longer expressive,

but mind numbing glass

they cannot look through,

but as they eradicate reality,

look into.


Instead of embracing

the messy truth of only perceived flaws,

they allow themselves to unravel their scathing wounds

and failed attempts at perfection

through bitter backlash at those

clasping onto cultivated self-love.


No longer hate or state it’s convoluted,

but appreciate

the intricate intensity

of devotion to one’s self.


Follow in the footsteps of pioneers

embarking upon a quest

to find the only heart that matters.

Your own.


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Written by Zaria Whitacre

17. Lover of 80's pop, Indian food, thrift shopping & absurd catch phrases. You can probably find me eating pizza at open mics or riding my moped in downtown EC.