The Genius of ‘Mr. Student Body President’

Mr. Student Body President- starring Adventure Time‘s, Jeremy Shada and popular YouTuber, Arden Rose- recently released their second season on go90, a popular streaming service that hosts a multitude of original content and featured films and series, which can all be accessed for free.

The show is a comedy centered in high school politics with Shada playing the titular character, and Rose playing his Chief of Staff. What ensues is a hilarious series that parodies today’s politics in the more familiar setting of a high school. The show tackles a multitude of over-the-top antics including exonerating those in detention over social media posts and the terror surrounding the annual “senior prank”.

MSBP, released in 2016, earned wide acclaim for it’s first season, earning an 8.1 out of a 10 star rating on IMDB and 100% of watchers liking it on Rotten Tomatoes. In addition to this, the show won big in the 2017 Streamy Awards: winning awards for both “Best Direction” and “Best Ensemble Cast” and being nominated for “Best Comedy Series”, “Best Writing”, and “Best Acting in a Comedy” for Arden Rose and Jeremy Shada.

However, along with the intriguing plot, phenomenal writing, and entertaining performances, the format of MSBP is exceptional. Go90 is one of the first platforms to place scripted series into a short video arrangement. The first season of MSBP featured ten episodes with average lengths of 15 minutes each. This unprecedented format parallels that of other video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. Though, it differs in content. While YouTube often features vloggers and Vimeo spotlights short films, Go90 mainly emphasizes “television” shows such as MSBP, Guidance, featuring Michelle Trachtenberg, and Relationship Status, featuring a host of stars including Milo Ventimiglia.

This arrangement is brilliant, allowing for the excessive binging of well-crafted content yet making sure that users do not become bored of said content. Most importantly, all of these shows and films are provided with no charge. This perhaps has instituted go90 as the Spotify of video.

For Mr. Student Body President, the entirety of season one, extra features, and a few episodes of season two (being released every Thursday) are available on the go90 website and mobile application.

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