The Hate

A poem about self love

Credit: pexels

 I know so many people who hate themselves. They hate their body, their face and how they think. Self love is important. It’s something that way too many people lack. This poem was inspired by all of the people that feel inferior and wished they were someone else. At the end of the day, the only solution is loving you for you.

She wore the hate she had for herself all over her body,

Like a camouflage only she could see.

It was Painted on her face,

The burrow in her brows brought out a contrast.

It was Carved into her skin,

By all of the pain she held in her heart.

And It spun in her mind like a record on repeat,

To the point where she couldn’t hear anything else.

Every day she dragged herself out of bed,

And forced herself a long hard look in the mirror.

Every time she hoped it would be that day when she would feel light.

When she would feel something,


Other than hate.

Where her face would ease,

And her skin would heal,

And her mind would stop circling.

But instead


Her heart ached,

And her soul burned,

And all she longed for was the love from herself.


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Written by Lindsay Torey

Book lover, plant caregiver, and Harry Potter fanatic.