The Jaguar: A Poem About Remembering

This poem is about the people we love and the people who left, especially, the people who fall into both categories. In this poem, I think you can tell that I am a huge fan of imagery and metaphors, but I also wanted to keep this poem a little bit more vague, so that people can genuinely relate to it.

My memory

is like a jungle.

The good moments are flowers,

of a beautiful kind.

The bad are rocks

and dirt

under my feet.


there are moments so sad

that they can only be —

the wildlife.

They are the animals

that surround me.

If this is true,

then your memory is the jaguar.

The jaguar that haunts me at every turn,

making me remember,

daring me to come closer.


Your memory makes me sad,


but the Jaguar is beautiful,

in the way the ocean’s tide is powerful.

You watch,


until you get too close,

and it pulls you in

for the kill.

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