The New Year

A poem about growth

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This is a poem about some of my various experiences throughout 2017 and how they differ compared to where I am at the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. The poem shows how one can grow over the course of a year, as well as how I have done so in regards to some of the situations I have found myself in and my attitude toward life.

My first night in the new year
was dark and littered with words that made my heart clench –
I didn’t think I had a soul to give to the fireworks,
and maybe I didn’t then –
but I do now.

I spent five months at the beginning of the year
in and out of reality –
I didn’t think I had a heart left in me,
and neither did anyone else –
but I know I was wrong now.

A girl broke my heart in April,
and I couldn’t look at my blue dress for months without thinking of that awful night –
her face still hurts my eyes today,
but tonight,
I wear my blue dress again for the first time.

I lost some friends again this year
and was left behind again without a careful thought –
I thought I wouldn’t even try again,
but I met new bright souls along the way,
and I’m so grateful that they’re still here.

The new year is a kingdom not yet built,
and even though I’m scared of what it may bring,
it will be starting differently to every other year –
surrounded by glitter and warm lights and a kiss at midnight –
for tonight, there is nothing to fear.


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Written by Niamh Parr

Aspiring writer by day. Occasional crime-fighter by night.