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His Dark Materials (2019). Image via IMDb.


The Next Hit Series on HBO and BBC: ‘His Dark Materials’ Trailer Review

Now that GOT has ended, many of us have been curious as to what we can fill up the empty space with. Therefore, Comic Con San Diego (being known for releasing new trailers of upcoming movies, games and TV shows) is a good place to find something new to watch. Thankfully, we are now aware that HBO does have something new in store for us all, post-GOT period.  One trailer in particular that caught many eyes was the HBO and BBC Partnership of the upcoming 2019 ‘His Dark Materials’ TV series.

For those of you unaware, the show will be based on the best-selling trilogy ‘His Dark Materials’, written by Phillip Pullman. The series is based in a parallel universe and follows the adventures of female protagonist, Lyra, as she uncovers the secrets behind her father (Lord Asriel) and Mrs. Marisa Coulter as she tries to save her best friend and others who have been kidnapped.

Dafne Keen in His Dark Materials (2019). Image via IMDb.

Dafne Keen in His Dark Materials (2019). Image via IMDb.

Many of you may already be aware of this story from the 2007 film adaptation (The Golden Compass) starring Nicole Kidman, Dakota Blue Richards and Daniel Craig. Despite being an Oscar winner for Best Achievement in Visual Effects, the movie was unsuccessful, receiving poor reviews and a low box office rate compared to their estimations. As a result, the film was unable to continue the story with any follow-up films. Therefore, this new TV series will be the second attempt in reviving the trilogy and from the trailer, it does look promising.

The show will star Dafne Keen as Lyra. It is her next big gig after her debut role in Logan (2017). As a result of her amazing performance in the movie, we can have some high expectations regarding her portrayal of Lyra. Other notable actors in the show will include James McAvoy as Lord Asriel, Ruth Wilson as Marisa Coulter and Lin-Manuel Miranda as Lee Scoresby. Furthermore, the show will be filled with what looks like impressive and realistic CGI daemons (a physical manifestation of the characters’ soul in an animal form) including polar bears, monkeys and more.

Overall, the show seems to be taking on a more mature and darker tone, in comparison to the film adaption. This is clear from the acting, dark colour schemes and general atmosphere from the trailer. In particular, we can tell that Ruth Wilson’s take on Coulter will be a darker and perhaps more twisted version than Nicole Kidman’s take on the role. Lastly, according to the IMDb page, writer Jack Thorne is already expecting to have two seasons at the least. This gives us some reassurance that after the release of the first season in late 2019 (the date is yet to be released), we can, hopefully, rely on there being a second season.

Featured Image via IMDb.

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