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The Old Soul

Music from the 50s captivates my soul completely and movies from past decades bring me a sense of familiarity that I was unaware of before. Something about the past just feels like home to me. I feel as if I’m an old soul and truly feel that I’m living in the wrong generation, however I know that I am not alone in this feeling.

An old soul stuck in a youth’s body

Everything that’s unknown seems so familiar

All the old songs, old movies, and old photos make it feel like home


Frank Sinatra, Paul Anka, and Andy Williams

Their songs make your soul dance in your body

The black and white film brings color to your life


An old soul stuck in a youth’s body

Being okay with being all alone

But enjoying the company of those twice your age


Not being able to relate with those your age

They’re caught up in the modern craze

And you’re stuck in the days that your soul lived through decades ago


An old soul

Living a new life

All over again.

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