The One That Got Away

A Poem About Unrequited Love

*no capitalization intended

unrequited love may be the worst kind. it’s pain never truly goes away. this is a poem about such love and the repercussions it leaves behind.

we carved our names upon a tree.
a worthless, good for nothing tree,
that withered and died.
i loved you.
you said you loved me.
i guess the way you loved me was lost in our communication.
what was i to do.
i fell deeper and deeper, sure that you would catch me.
until june rolled around and i realized i was plummeting towards jagged rocks that looked nothing like you.
if only that fall was shorter.
there were times when a draft of wind would catch me for a minute, but it was false hope.
you were the rain and i was a flower and your clouds just would not break.
the orchards faded and broke until they were dead and still it seems my fate was worse.
you weren’t going to save me.
you weren’t ever going to save me.
i was forced to learn to fly on my own.
a clumsy, uncertain flight that threatened to fail at all times.
i sometimes fear i’m still going to fail, even two years later.
but i am an eagle that can soar against the headwinds of whatever life throws at me.
newly hatched, i sometimes stumble and falter,
after all, i have been scarred and i won’t ever be the same.
december won’t ever feel the same.
but i am still healing,
and this fall will not kill me.



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Written by Anna Stornello

though she be but little, she is fierce.