The Quality of Being Female

A Poem About How Women Have Been Reduced to Illusions By Our Patriarchal Society

I’ve seen many women around me who had to give up their passion, their love just because society didn’t accept it. So when I was asked to write about what femininity means to me, all I could think about was these women who were forced to live a lie.


According to Google, and probably the rest of the world,

femininity is the “quality of being female; womanliness.”

Underneath this is written,

“She celebrates her femininity by wearing make-up and heels”.

What a pity,

I don’t celebrate womanliness,

neither does my mother or grandmother.

This small mind of mine has interpreted as,

the fading light in the eyes of women,

but also,

as the ever burning one inside of them.

These definitions make them nothing more than illusions.

This one time I wrote a poem,

it goes:

“I’ve seen majestic gates,

opening up to ruins.

I’ve seen perfectly made up faces,

hiding shattered souls.

But then I’ve seen lusterless eyes,

leading to hearts on flames.

And that’s when I realized,

everything’s a delusion,

and never what it seems like.”

I didn’t know what my hands were forcing me to write,

until today when I realized.


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Written by Shadab Amir

A ras malai enthusiast who occasionally writes poems.