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There’s A Whole Slime Community On Instagram

CW: If you have blennophobia, trypophobia or are otherwise uncomfortable with ASMR stuff, slime, popping noises or anything of that, this is probably not the article for you!

Within the growing movement of ASMR, there has arisen a sub-culture of innovators who stick their hands into slime to incite the intense gratification and relaxation that can only be wrought by shiny, beautiful goop. Is it weird? Sure. But it’s also the kind of weird that has brought about over 2 million videos on Instagram being tagged #slime, so clearly there’s a demand for this kind of content. Especially for people like me, who are currently suffering through midterms and rely on this stuff to get us to Chill Out. If you are new to slime, or are old to slime but cannot get enough slime (same), then here are some videos that will hopefully better illustrate what I am talking about. I hope they satisfy that part of your soul that only slime can touch.

I am 95% sure this is the first slime video I ever watched and I truly believe if you take the time to watch it you will understand why slime is the most important thing. The colors! The glitter! The variety of textures! Slime is so glamorous!


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☀️ crunchy glitter x floam

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Slime, like people, comes in a variety of forms and colors and sizes and shapes and other denominations. Here we see crunchy slime that has been mixed with holographic stars, evidence that not only are there different types of slime but that those types can be mixed to form endless possibilities! This video also features some whale sounds/singing bowl noises in the background which add an air of mystery and relaxation to the slime.


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Sometimes slime videos have fun props in like this one does! Why limit the instruments of slime maneuvering to just hands!

I have yet to attempt making my own slime but am living vicariously through those who are able to mix their own fun creations. Someday I will transition from slime-aficionado to slime innovator myself; until that day comes I really enjoy watching these videos of how people make their slime do fun things.


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LMAO IM SO SORRY THIS IS THE LAST REUPLOAD, the thumbnail didn't save ? Iridescent Opal Slime ? This video doesn't do this slime justice, the iridescent-ness wasn't fully able to be picked up by the camera. it is SO much prettier irl. A few will be for sale when I restock tomorrow evening! ? – Got a question? read my FAQ posts before asking it! 9 out of 10 times your question will have an answer there! – My only other accounts: asmr/backup account: @asmr.bunny spam account: @/spambun Nail account: @/superknails – Hate/self-promo is blocked – Tags:#slime #foamslime #floamslime #floam #kineticsand #satisfyingsounds #oddlysatisfying #satisfyingvideos #slimevideo #slimevideos #slimeusa #pokingslime #clearslime #fluffyslime #bubblyslime #clearslime #asmr #tingles #asmrcommunity #asmrvideo #anxietyrelief #anxietyhelp #stressrelief #satisfying #triggers

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One of my favorite things in slime videos is when the slime organically melts into a beautiful puddle, where it remains until it is corralled and manipulated by a pair of hands; it serves as a poignant reminder that perhaps someday I will be able to control my life as deftly as those hands command the slime. 

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Liz is a college student in Ohio and a former American Girl Doll Model.

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