There’s a New Powerpuff Girl — And She’s Black

Nothin’ like it, that black girl magic!


On Sept. 6, Cartoon Network revealed that the Powerpuff Girls would be getting a new sister. Her name hasn’t been revealed but we’ll get to see our sista’ later on in the month. Most of the hype is coming from people in their late teens and early twenties. Powerpuff Girls is a show of our generation and everyone seems to be super happy to see some black representation added to a childhood favorite. Even better, black kids watching the show today will get to see another character that looks like them. Not to mention, I’m also sighing in relief because the signature “mad and angry” personality has been claimed by Buttercup, so the optimist in me is only seeing and hoping for the best! Might I add that although her hair is straight in the silhouette, her poofy, natural hair can seen in the picture above? *Screams in black girl*  

“Everyone seems to be super happy to see some black representation added to a childhood favorite”

The voice is played by Toya Delazy, a 27-year-old South African multi-talented singer who tweeted the news on Sept. 7. Cartoon shows seem to be evolving and quite honestly I think that it’s due to the high demand of representation, and let’s not act like the new black character won’t bring in views. In reality, no one would care about the new character if she wasn’t any different from the other three girls that the child in us love dearly.

Viewers can’t wait to find out her name, or her powers, (or her…ingredients?) but obviously, she’s inherently great. You can catch a little black girl magic on your television screens on Sept. 17 at 5:30 EST on Cartoon Network.


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Written by Yasia Howard

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