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This “Hurricane Irma” Eyeshadow Look Is Not A Good Look

Image by Instagram @kalelizabeth29 Image by Instagram @kalelizabeth29

From squiggly eyebrows to a full face of Fenty, there’s a lot to love (or hate if you’re not about those brows) about the makeup looks being shared across social media. Makeup artists get to flaunt their skills while the rest of us get to pick up tips and tricks to try out, an all around win-win situation. But one makeup look that hopefully won’t be starting any trends is this hurricane eyeshadow look by social media MUA Kali Harlow.

In a tweet, Harlow posted an image of her eyeshadow next to the doplar image of Hurricane Irma she copied on to her eyes captioned “Remember in the eye of the storm, God remains in control.”
Seeing as Hurricane Irma has left 10 dead in Cuba22 dead in the U.S.more than 1 million without power and 56,000 without access to drinking water in Puerto Rico, and more than 1,300 stranded in shelters in Barbuda, the tweet rightfully faced a lot of backlash. One user tweeted back at Harlow saying “millions of people could lose their homes, pets, family and you’re doing a look knowing the destruction and devastation it’s about to cause?”
For some, the makeup look was reminiscent of that one now deleted makeup tutorial the beauty blogger Mykie did of Dr. David Dao being violently dragged from the United Airlines flight by Chicago security.

On her Instagram, where she later went on to post the look, Harlow wrote that her “intentions for this look was to give a reminder of hope in the eye of the storm.” Still, there are a lot of better ways to send out support to those who need it that doesn’t include making a makeup look from the source of so many’s misery.

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