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New York City skyline. (image via Flickr/Mike Sinko)
New York City skyline. (image via Flickr/Mike Sinko)


Top 10 Things to do in NYC

Although the popular saying states that it is more about the journey than the destination, we can all agree that sometimes the destination is equally just as great. This holds especially true while in New York City, the one place that truly never sleeps. When it comes to NYC, the destination is even better than the journey it takes to get there. With the perfect agenda planned and ready, you can’t go wrong. Here are the top ten things to do to make your trip even better!

1. Walk along the Brooklyn Bridge!

The Brooklyn Bridge is known as one of the most popular tourist attractions in NYC and is definitely a must-see if you are visiting! It attracts many tourists every single year and is both a quick and beautiful way to get to Brooklyn rather than just taking an Uber. At the end of your walk, you will find a variety of restaurants and bars to sit down and relax in before you get back on your feet again.

2. Go to a drag show.

If you are down for something that may be out of your comfort zone, Lips is the place to be! Located on E 56th St, Lips hosts drag shows every Tuesday-Sunday all throughout the day! They have family friendly brunch shows, and raunchy late night performances for 18+. There are different drag queens performing every night and there is always a new show. The menu includes some classic chicken strips and french fries, penne a la vodka, cheeseburgers, and so much more. It is a fun and exciting show on a budget!

3. Attend a taping of a live show.

You definitely do not get this opportunity many times in your life, but in NYC, anything is possible! Going to a live TV show taping can be both fun and entertaining and is most certainly a must if you are in the city. How many people can say they’ve been on television before, or have watched their favorite show taped live? Exactly! Popular NBC shows such as Saturday Night Live and The Tonight Show sell free tickets to tapings both beforehand and day-of. To make it even better, the tickets are free and typically on a first come, first served basis! What better city to make your special TV debut in than New York City?

4. Visit Central Park.

The most admirable thing about Central Park is that it is the place to be all year round. No matter what season it is, there is always something to do and it’s  impossible to be bored! Central Park is always a nice reminder to relax and take life in when things get hectic, so if seeing the live taping of The Tonight Show tired you out, you can always rely on the famous urban park for a nice nap in the grass.

5. Eat at Chip NYC!

After all of these activities, surely you are going to be starving! And if you just so happen to have a sweet tooth, Chip is your go-to cookie spot. They have a wide variety of gooey cookies for you to choose from– ranging from blueberry cheesecake to classic chocolate chip (and all for affordable prices)! There is no better place to have dessert after a visit to Central Park or the Brooklyn Bridge. If you have the chance in your busy schedule, you should definitely stop by and treat yo’ self to some of their well known delicacies.

6. Check out Eataly.

If a cookie at Chip just didn’t hit the spot, you can always stop by Eataly to fill you up with many gourmet Italian specialties! It’s definitely hard to miss out on any of their famous pizzas or pasta dishes. Located both on 5th Ave and in the World Trade Center, there is really no excuse to not stop by and check it out while you can! Aside from food, it is a great area to walk around and take in the scenery if you have the chance to do so. A delicious slice of pizza and a walk around ‘Italy’? Count us in.

7. Take pictures at the Museum of Modern Art.

MoMA is a cheap and fun way to spend your afternoon in the city. Tickets cost around $14 to $25 and it is completely free if you’re under 16 years old! You can walk around, appreciate the artwork, take a few Instagrammable pictures, and relax at their cafe. It is the perfect way to spend a quiet, calm day in the busy city. Make sure to stop by their gift shop on your way out to take a small piece of your favorite artworks back home with you. It will truly be a memory you will never forget!

8. Have breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The Blue Box Café, located in Tiffany & Co. on the corner of Fifth Ave and 57th Street in Manhattan, sells breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. This is where you can finally live out your Audrey Hepburn dreams– but, it comes with a price. Reservations must be made in advance and it gets a little tricky to find a table for your crew. So, if you are a spontaneous tea kind of gal, you might want to skip this one out. If you’re totally cool with making reservations, Blue Box has the perfect foods to satisfy your hunger on your trip!

9. Walk the High Line.

If you’re looking to stroll somewhere slightly less crowded than the sidewalks of NYC, look no further. The High Line is a must-go-to elevated ‘sidewalk’ that has the perfect view of the city and attracts millions of tourists every year. There is no better way to catch the beautiful sunset than Downtown on the gorgeous High Line that stretches out to be 1.45 miles long. Manhattan is truly home of amazing sunset spots. Get your exercise on while simultaneously enjoying a view!

10. Have dinner at Nobu.

Depending on whether or not you are willing to spend an extra few dollars on your city getaway, Nobu is one of the most popular restaurants in the country. Serving only the highest quality sushi and other traditional Japanese cuisines, you are sure to leave with a full stomach (and probably an empty wallet). It is also fairly likely that you will run into your favorite celebrity there, as many famous singers and actors have been spotted there multiple times on nights out. So, if you’re looking to have a nice sushi roll next to Rihanna, Nobu is the place to go!

A good mix of both popular and small places can give you the perfect feel of what the city is really all about and will probably send you back home with more knowledge of the big apple than you came with. Unfortunately, there are just not enough days, weeks, or even months to explore everything you may want to see while in NYC. But, as long as you are with the right people, your trip will be a truly wonderful experience.

Photo via Flickr/Mike Sinko.

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