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Top 5 Hallmark Christmas Movies: Have A Holly Jolly Halloween!

Yes, I know the Halloween season has only just begun and everyone is relishing in pumpkin spiced everything, but for those of you who are the slightest bit over it already, I’m here to sprinkle a taste of one of my most favourite times a year, a little early.

If you don’t already know, the time between November and January is what I like to call, Hallmark season (AKA Christmas time). It is the season of fake snow, too many cookies and of course, corny romance. Every year, the Hallmark channel releases an OBSCENE number of new holiday movies (not that I’m complaining), known as Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas.  This year, there will be 36 new releases featuring some familiar Hallmark faces, like Candace Cameron Bure, Lacey Chabert, and Alicia Witt.

And that being recent, back to school seems to kick start in July and Autumn in August, I thought why not join the bandwagon and start spreading some Christmas cheer in October!  It’s never a bad time to snuggle up with someone you love and watch something festive, that truly just makes you feel happy and uplifted, even if it is the wrong holiday!

So without further ado, here are my top 5 Hallmark Christmas movies and why!

5. Christmas Cookies (2016)

This story is about Hannah, a corporate representative sent to shut down Aunt Sally’s Cookie Factory. But after meeting Jake, the factory owner, Hannah becomes more confused than ever about the right thing to do. She gets carried away by the people of the town…maybe too carried away.

Thoughts: This movie is just adorable.  Like the main character Hannah, it’s hard not love the town of Cookie Jar and its townsfolk (I mean come on, the town is named COOKIE JAR!) Small towns, in general, have such a cosy vibe, and this one is practically a Christmas village. It’s a super sweet and wholesome story and just makes you want to visit your grandma and give her a big hug.  That is what Christmas is all about, right?

4. Christmas List (2016)

This movie is about Isobel, a young woman looking to celebrate the quintessential Christmas she never got to experience while growing up. She sets up a cottage getaway for her and her boyfriend, but when he doesn’t show, Isobel has to make her Christmas dreams come true, all on her own. Or, not alone?

Thoughts: This story is both funny and heartwarming.  It gives a fun twist to so many classic Christmas activities while exploring what it is about these traditions that mean so much to us. Isobel’s journey proves that a “perfect” holiday or situation doesn’t exist, but a genuine one does and it is something we should all strive for. This movie is a good reminder, to take chances and live in the moment!

3. Christmas Festival of Ice (2017)

Determined Emma is a new partner at her family’s law firm. She’s focused on nothing more than business until she hears that her town’s annual ice sculpture contest is cancelled. Emma is not ready to let that happen and goes to the local artisan, Nick for help.  Emma and Nick are two very different people, but will that get in the way of saving this Christmas tradition?

Thoughts: This film may just be the most sentimental on this list if it’s even fair to say that.  Some of the details themselves are a little farfetched, but the emotions this story invokes are very real.  The relationships between Emma and her parents and Emma’s tie to her childhood, inspire a great feeling of nostalgia- I think most people can relate to it in some way. This movie certainly makes you appreciate the little things in your life- both of past and present.

2. A Wish for Christmas (2016)

This film follows Sara, a meek yet hard working girl looking to be more noticeable in the company she works for. When her passive nature causes her boss to look over her, yet again, she makes a wish to Santa Claus for true courage.  For 48 hours, Sara gets her wish, but she learns an outspoken attitude definitely comes with its ups and downs, especially on an important business trip with your boss.

Thoughts: This movie is so underrated. First of all, it has some of the best actings I’ve seen thus far in a Hallmark movie (probably mostly due to Queen Gretchen Weiners, herself)  But secondly, you cannot beat the message of this movie! While most Hallmark movies focus predominately on the love story, this film centres around the protagonist’s growth as an individual. Sara learns the importance of standing up for yourself and using your voice. That is a timeless lesson, that can never be said enough.

1. A Very Merry Mix-Up (2013)

A simple shop owner, Alice, is travelling to meet her soon to be in-laws for the very first time. But, when her luggage and phone get wrecked, she has no way to reach her fiancé, Will, or his family. Luckily, she runs into Will’s brother, Matt, just in time for Christmas!  It’s all too good to be true…until it isn’t.

Thoughts: Oh, where to begin. This movie is such a joy to watch because it’s so many things wrapped into one (pun intended.)  It’s so bizarrely funny, because of the way the events unfold, but the movie also comes off as surprisingly romantic. It would be hard not to be enchanted by this film because there are a lot of little meaningful details and stories throughout- all of them come together perfectly in the end.  Although it can be very cheesy, some of the best movies are. Overall, it’s a pretty great Christmas movie.

So, if you haven’t already tuned into the Countdown to Christmas, get your head in the game, Bolton! Whether you’re in need of a serious laugh or just want to feel at home and comfortable, watch some Hallmark and definitely keep a look out for the movies listed above! It’s always a good time!

Who says spooky season and the snowy season can’t live in harmony? Not this guy.


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