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Troye Sivan Announces That He’s Going To Be Releasing New Music This Year

Troye Sivan’s debut album Blue Neighbourhood was certainly something special. The rawness and depth in each of his songs made it an incredibly personal record — creating a mixture of the nostalgic and the bittersweet that can only be done justice by giving it your full attention.

Listeners very much valued this album — which openly and unashamedly delved into topics such as the struggles that LGBTQ+ youth have to go through, heartbreak, and being a teenager trying to find your way — ultimately gaining him an incredibly dedicated fanbase that quite literally hangs on his every word.

With Blue Neighbourhood having been released over two years ago now, the singer-songwriter’s fans have been eagerly anticipating the release of new music.

He’s kept rather under the radar about his what he’s been up to in the studio, but on Christmas Day Troye tweeted a thread with his memories from 2017, and his fans knew that something was very much going on. It consisted of a frustratingly muted video of him in the recording studio, hints about his first single, memories from his songwriting sessions and a visual of him filming “something special”.

The thread ended with this tweet which, needless to say, got fans very excited (and stressed).

Now, it looks like “See you in 2018” might be coming sooner rather than later. Troye again surprised his fans whilst wishing them a “happy 2018”, using the opportunity to announce that he has new music coming “very, very soon”. This brought his very excitable fanbase away from their New Year’s festivities to celebrate the return of one their favourite artists instead, all incredibly hyped after his two year long hiatus from the music scene.

Whilst no set release date for anything has been made public yet, knowing that Troye is bringing new music to the table at all is certainly an incredibly exciting prospect. If his new tracks are up to the standard of those on Blue Neighbourhood, 2018 could most certainly be Troye Sivan’s year.

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