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Up-And-Coming Pop Artist Jena Rose Premieres Her New Single “Mad Man”

At just 18 years old, Jena Rose, a Texas-based pop artist, has had her fair share of successes as of late. That comes as no surprise, though – Jena has been rapidly gaining popularity in the music industry after more and more people have stumbled across her growing collection of indie-infused pop music laced with EDM undertones. From touring with Echosmith across North America for their “Inside a Dream” tour to releasing consecutive club and Billboard hits (“Sweet Love” and  “Reasons“, which was the #1 most added remix to the Billboard Dance Chart in its debut week), it’s clear that the future is bright for this young, up-and-coming pop star.

With that said, Affinity Magazine is proud to announce the premiere of Jena Rose’s brand new single, “Mad Man”!

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“Mad Man” was written by myself and produced by Adrian Newman. The song talks about being in love with, well, a “mad man”. This “Mad Man” can be your girlfriend, boyfriend, friend from school, teacher, mom, dad, or anyone you feel you can relate it to. I know we’ve all been in an unhealthy situation where someone is pulling you down and inhibiting your full potential. When I wrote the song, I included multiple religious words/lines that help stress that this person plays the role of the devil. I was watching The Handmaid’s Tale at the time so I might’ve unintentionally used that as a reference! – Jena Rose

Listen to “Mad Man” below:

Right off the bat, “Mad Man” begins with a catchy intro that includes clean vocals backed by classical, up-tempo finger snapping. This sets the mood for the entire song; even though “Mad Man” deals with an unpleasant situation and the plethora of feelings that go with it, it is portrayed in such a way that Jena Rose’s signature lighthearted added touch fits just right.

The song progresses into a strong pre-chorus layered with an interesting and sonically pleasing harmony, which paves the way to the most produced part of the song: the chorus. Filled with dance beats and sing along lyrics, the chorus is by far the most fun, catchy part of “Mad Man”.

Image courtesy of Hello PR

“Mad Man” is officially available to download as of tomorrow, June 21st. Be sure to save the date – it’s the perfect addition to your summer road trip playlist. Trust me, you won’t want to miss this one.

You can find Jena Rose on her Instagram. She’s also currently on tour with Aly & AJ; if you’d like to see her live, check out the tour dates over here.

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