Upcoming Hangover

A Short Story

Content warning for alcoholism.

ethan felt devastated.
he wasn’t even sure how the alcohol could help or why he accepted that cigarette when the drunken pass by lent him one, hell he didn’t know where the lighter came from.
he also didn’t quite understand why the young looking bartender was asking him what was wrong but less did he understand why he was actually telling him
the bartender felt pity for ethan like everyone else but since he understood the feeling he didn’t want to show it.
he failed.
or maybe ethan was too used to that face that he started to imagine it in the faces of absolutely everyone who spoke to him regardless
quiet of how many sad smiles and pity faces he has seen before nothing could make him feel better.
he was gone.
and wasn’t coming back ever.
the illusion of his lover quite present on his brain after the first drop of alcohol touched his taste buds and deep down, part of his still conscious mind knew that there wasn’t a way back to that state after the hangover that would occur tomorrow morning passed.
the different thing this time is that it never came.


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Written by Beth Haze

nineteen years old from ba.
usually overly caffeinated writing short stories about people she sees on trains.